Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hodge Podge

Here I am, back in the groove.  At least for today.  Can't seem to string two days together lately.  You would think with the weather keeping a person in I have it under control.  Guess disorganized is becoming my middle name.
Great-granddaughters 1st birthday party was a success.  Spoiled to the hilt with toys and clothes.  Of course the 1st birthday cake was as messy as it was suppose to be, lol.  Nice and chocolaty made by her grandpa Jim.
Getting right down to it.

The other cake for the guests, lol.
Unfortunately the end wasn't quite as nice.  There were two parties at the Moose that night.  Hers downstairs and an adult party upstairs.  Well as our party ended and we were leaving a lady from the other party decided to go home herself.  Unfortunately she was in no condition to leave and hit three cars trying to get out.  She narrowly missed hitting one of our great grandsons and was furious that my son and others blocked her car so she couldn't leave.  Threw a fit getting into the squad car, yelling and banging her head against the windows.  One of the cars was my daughters.  Fortunately no serious damage to them, but can you imagine had she been allowed to leave the danger she could have inflicted.  Danielle got told by some jerk she was being disrespectful to that old lady by calling the cops on her.  Well I told him.  He went back up on the steps and was quiet.
On another subject.  I sure wish they would make pet toys a little more durable.  Bought Oreo a new toy and it's ripped already.  I had a whole group of "wounded warriors" to repair.  So far they've lasted one day.  Fingers crossed for more.
Well enough ranting, and it's not even Wednesday.  Shame on me ;-).
With the storms across the nation, you all keep warm and keep safe.


  1. Your great granddaughter is adorable!!
    I think that you were wise to call the police on that woman. She could have killed someone. Hopefully she has a headache after banging her head on the car window.

  2. Irresponsible drinking has ruined many a good thing...I'm sorry about all that. On the issue of toys...I've never had one survive long with my dogs...cheap toys or clever/destructive dogs or a combination thereof?

  3. It snows here as I write this.
    Well that was quite a little episode you and your family dealt with.
    Love the granddaughter with the cake pic.

  4. Oh my.....had Danielle not called the cops on that lady, she could have ended up like my 28 year old neighbor....dead. We knew it would happen someday....and it did. Drinking and driving (or drugs and driving) are a fatal combination. So glad no one was hurt.

    Oreo is just like my mom's Amy....Amy tears the squeaker out of all her toys. She is a Maltese Yorkie. Lovable and playful, but destructive with her toys!