Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day yet to be.

Our family hasn't had our Mother's Day get-together yet.  The weather never co-operates on that day for some reason.  Also, many conflict of if everyone could be there.  My son made the mistake of order Brewer tickets for that day, and we were to have it at there house (silly boy).   Nicole's prom was that weekend (we always do it on Saturday so we can party longer).  That eliminated them too. A couple of others had problems with that day. We have decided to have it on the 23rd and combine Mother's Day and Father's Day. We all enjoy doing it in our big family group, so accommodations must be made.

Looks to be a busy summer.  Our granddaughter Alyssa is graduating and there will be that party of course.  Trying to get in a few camping trips this year.  Having a redneck camp out in the yard sometime soon. Need to get Oreo accustomed to it.  Sad to say he is 2 1/2 years old and we've never had it leave the yard yet.  Guess we're just going to have start missing some get-together's.  It's either that or put it up for sale.  It's rather silly to just have it sit there. May check into finding a camp ground to just leave it at.  Thing is, the guys have to have it for deer hunting.  What to do?  What to do?

Thought you might like to see my beautiful granddaughter in her prom dress.

Gosh, it seems like it was just yesterday I watched her while her mother worked.  Time really flies.

Closing with a prayer for Beth's family as their first Mother's Day without that wonderful lady.  We all miss you dear Beth.



  1. Time flies. Having had small dogs in the past I hear you on the trouble associated with that. Thanks for sharing the picture of you grand daughter...how cool!

  2. Yeah I miss Beth as well. She was a special friend to me. She always left a kind comment on my blog. I cherish the phone conversations and the cards she sent me on Christmas or my birthday, She was one special lady.
    Your granddaughter is beautiful.
    I haven't camped in years. About 40 years to be more exact. But those were different times and I was so much younger. As close as I get now is walking a block from the hotel to the ocean on Martha's Vineyard. Two more weeks. I can't wait!

  3. O hai!

    - Angel Keisha and Murphy the Poodle

  4. Finally time to stop by the blogs and visit ya, Oh yes Beth is missed terribly by me, I often see things and think about her and how she would have enjoyed this or that. Life is so short we must keep our loved ones close., I love the photo,,the dress is gorgeous as is your granddaughter, days she will remember forever. Have a wonderful week Terry

  5. I has still feelling of Dear Beth! all most of back to 2006 Msn what's your Story time, I feel the some way after her chilage has it worre though got with her even my tooth same time my in was very good..Only I don't reaved not many years...I love your Granddaughter is beautiful.I hope I can writting back to you!
    Have a so brave for long time has been with you!

  6. What a joy to see you here and to read about the family and what they're doing and say sgain I wish I were there. ❤️

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