Friday, August 19, 2016

I'm a bad girl.

I am ashamed.  I didn't realize just how long it's been since I've been here.  Hope you all peek in to see I'm still around.

Things around here are about the same as usual.  Family functions seem to take up a ton of time.  Guess that's the rewards of a big family.  Had two graduate from high school this year and one last year.  One left but that will be two years from now.  Normal yard parties etc.

Had a bought with a frozen should last year during the fall.  Six weeks of therapy and it works just fine now.  Guess I wasn't working hard enough with that arm.  LOL.  All other checkups for then were just fine.  Now it's time to start that routine again.  Lost a few pounds so the dr. should like that.

All the kids are doing fine as are the grandkids. One (Austin) starts college to be a teacher, another (Aaron) added another year to his studies for a double major.  He's taking forensics and police science.  Has been spending the summer working as an intern in a forensics lab and just loves it.  Two of the girls are taking online classes.  Alyssa I'm not sure what, Nicole was planning on journalism but decided on special ed daycare.  Carson is the one with two years left of high school.  I don't think she's decided yet, but I don't think with her grades (straight A's for 10 years so far) she'll have a problem getting if when she does.

Well that's enough rambling on for the first time back.  You all take care.


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  1. I could not be happier than seeing your blog today! I hope you keep it up and so does Oreo. LOVE catching up with the kids as I have been following them for 8-9 years now. xox