Monday, June 12, 2017

Been awhile....

  1. Been awhile since last here, but so much has been going on.  Where do I start?  Hubby started going downhill and in Sept. we found out he had Lymphoma.  The low end of the prognosis was less than a year the high maybe a year but not much longer.  The girls were with us and the diagnosis and the looks on there faces was one of the most awful things I've every seen.  Started treatment and though it was really tough, as the treatment is as bad as the disease at times.  I'm very happy to say the results were worth it.  He is in full remission at this time and all looks good.
  2. While he and the family were dealing with all that I was quietly dealing with a hip problem.  I had been have what I thought was a pinched nerve in the groin and limping became a way of life.  There was no way we could deal with both at the same time so I just put of a trip to the Dr. until we were sure he would be okay.  Tried therapy thinking that would help but alas no  such luck.  Finally the first week of May saw a Dr. and low and behold I was badly in need of a new hip.  Well on May 30 the deed was done and the Dr. said it was the worse case he has ever seen.  Absolutely no cartilage at all.  They all don't know how I suffered that pain for  so long, but you do what you do with the cards dealt.  As for the result, so far all looks good.  Following orders, doing the exercises prescribed, doing physical therapy and walking (with walker right now) twice a day.  First Dr. appt. with x-rays Wed. and hope all looks good.  Will be sure to report whatever news I get.
  3. I have been so pleasantly surprised at Oreo's behavior when I came home. They Dr's. etc. worried about pets under the feet.  The little darling has been just wonderful of stepping out of the way and not jumping on me.  I don't know if it's just cause he's a good boy, or afraid of the walker (probably) but I opt for the good boy. 
  4. Next thing on the agenda is to sell the camper. Darla came down and helped her dad clean out anything we didn't want to keep and put away what we did.  Jack is taking to the rv dealership and service center to have it all checked, washed and a idea on what to ask.  Darla had the banker run it and it has a decent value.  We took real good care of it and except for the dirt from snow melt over the winter looks really good, as does the inside.  My sister Rhonda already has a potential buyer who can more than afford what we will ask, hope so.
  5. Well time to get to another set of exercises.     You all have a nice day and take care of yourselves.


  1. Terry, means a heckuva lot to read this today. I have no idea, because I rarely do much more than do my way of saying "howdy do" on FB...I don't go around too much. I am deeply sorry that your husband has been through this. What a terrible thing to go through. My oldest son had cancer too, but a different kind. I was about gone with heart trouble...but like you...you use what you have and are given to serve your loved one. I did. You did, and both our guys, your husband and my son are the better for it.

    I am deeply sorry too about the hip pain you went through so long because you had to. But thank goodness you are doing well and being a good girl with therapy. Oreo, like Katie, you will take excellent care of you momma and daddy.

    Sending love and prayer to you and Bill. Thank you for making the blog. xxx

    1. While I'm in a different bedroom until back to normal Oreo come in and checks on me. To see if I still live there I think. I know it's hard to keep up with we sisters here, but Bill is Sherry's husband. lol

    2. Sorry. I should know better. :-) Embarrassing error number two!! (yesterday's error in the Mall is what was number One.)

  2. Girl...I am leaving husbands outta this. Heeeee.