Saturday, June 4, 2011

Losing it.

Would you believe I had something in mind to post about and now it's completely gone.  Yup, totally blank.  I hate when that happens.  You think of something and get a bit distracted by something or someone and "poof" out the window.  I am going to start keeping a pad of paper with me at all times to write down when a 'grand idea' pops into my head.  One by the computer too, as that was when it came to me and left like someone running from a mean dog. 

Rest in Peace.
I'm sure you all heard James Arness passed.  Used to watch that show all the time.  Dad loved westerns and it was a favorite in our house.  Still watch it once in awhile on the encore channel.  He was a alumnus of our liberal arts college here in Beloit. 

Have the wedding to attend today.  The young man is the son of what Jack calls the closet thing he ever had to a brother.  Darla and Danielle both babysat for the boys until they entered school.  I should be heading out for that 'colorback' but feeling too lazy to go to the bother of putting it in.  Hopefully I'll get over that soon as the wedding is at 3. 

Been out taking pictures of my first roses of the summer.  The ones in front are coming along beautifully.  Loaded with buds and some already in full bloom.  The ones by the side yard are budding okay but this nast little green bug is eating the leaves.  Put some stuff on them and getting more.  Hopefully it does the job.  That is my Black Cherry Bush, the one with the pictures I put up last year of the Bumble Bee inside.  Have to stop the destruction fast. Will post pictures soon.

Well off to eat the french toast and bacon Jack is making for breakfast.  I was going to do bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast, but he said he was thinking of making french toast and who am I to stop a man from showing off his culinary skills.  ;)

Have a great weekend.


  1. My mom is an avid western fan too. I think this made the loss of James Arness all the more close to home. It's amazing how people pass like that isn't it? I hope that wedding goes well, we don't have to think of such things until July...they are never may favorite thing to be honest. Bless you, have a great day!

  2. Big fan here of James. Can't wait to see your photos. Have fun at the wedding my friend. HOT here! I jist may move to Beloit...LOL!!! Hmm? Wait...french toast my fav?? Drooling here.

  3. French toast...yummy. I used to watch those old Gunsmoke shows, loved Doc.
    Stay cool and enjoy the wedding.
    Will be looking forward to your rose photos.

  4. I loved that show and wasn't he handsome when he was young??

    Anybody that wants to fix me breakfast, I am all for it. :-)

  5. I know exactly what you mean, as I can quite easy become distracted and the...
    .... Ooooh, SHINY!
    Where was I? Oh yeah.... Talk about "Tall in the Saddle", and a stand-up guy to boot, wounded WWII veteran and all. God bless the Arness family, and all the fans of "Big Jim McLain" and "Gunsmoke"!

  6. Well... I am looking forward to seeing some snapshots of your roses. Here's hoping that you have a woderful time at the wedding and totally indulged in that breakfast being prepared for you!

  7. I am on a commenting roll tonight! I am not having a problem with blogger tonight. I hope that nonesense is over.
    I am brilliant at thinking of things to blog about when I'm no where near my computer. Now if I could only do that when I'm sitting in front of my computer.

    Enjoy the wedding.

  8. I didn't know James Arness went to school in Beloit! Learn something new everyday, eh? I know what you mean about those thoughts escaping. Usually I remember my grand ideas around 3am!

    French toast and bacon is my favorite breakfast. And it's even better when someone else makes it.

  9. I love the breakfast you wanted and also the one you got.

    I hated that about James Arness. Had no idea he was that old but apparently he went peacefully without anything wrong but being old. Loved seeing those shows. He was a favorite.