Sunday, June 5, 2011


My legs are so sore.  Dance much too much at the wedding last night.  This old lady is not used to such things.
It was beautiful and unique in many ways. The bride was just gorgeous in her gown.  The groom so handsome.  The mother of the groon not a happy camper but not because of the wedding.  She discovered the dress she bought to wear had a split zipper just as she was putting it on.  She had to resort to the one she wore for the other sons wedding.

The program telling the wedding party names etc. was really cute.  You have to know the bride and groom are very serious baseball fans, (how serious you can be rooting for the Cubs is a mystery, just kidding Cub fans).  The front has a picture of a baseball with their names on it and the words "In your arms...I'm always safe at home!!  Inside the parents are listed at the Coaching staff of the couple.  For the bridesmaids there is a home plate saying Diamonds are a girl's BEST FRIEND and listing TEAM BRIDE with the girls listed as positions on the field.  For TEAM GROOM there is crossed bats with a ball in the middle.  The groom sang "I won't let go" while the seating was taking place and the girl singing the other songs was awesome.  We've known this young man all his life and even his parents didn't know what a wonderful voice he had.  The Ball Girls (flower) had baskets decorated like balls.  The Bat Boys had a little problem coming down the aisle.  The littlest one decided he wanted no part of it and the bigger was dragging him the finally picked him up and said DAD.  It these little things that you remember. 

Also in the program  "The Roses on the alter are a loving reminder that someone is missing today, someone our hearts still hold on to, as we travel along life's way.  Someone who made life so special, for all of those who gather here. "  Followed with the names of those special people.

Below that it said "The Bride, Groom & Members of the bridal party are wearing white tennis shoes to "Stomp Out Cancer" for those who have fought and lost, for those who have fought and won, and for those wo are still Fighting.

The tables at the reception were number with pictures of shirts with the # of a Cubs player.  The tickets to tell you where you sat were like Cubs baseball tickets for a game with your name on them and at each place a lottery ticket with a heart shaped ball and inscription "Wishes for RICHES from The New Mr. & Mrs. With A Whole LOTTO Love!  No winners here.

The food was great.  We were wondering if it would be be baseball fare, but no.  Chicken cordon blue, beef tips and noodles, corn on the cob, potatoes and salad.  They had no cake, as the groom aunt usually makes them and she just didn't feel up to such a large scale one and they wanted no one else so instead....'make your own Sundae'. 

The a slide show of them growing up and the dancing started and that's how I got so sore. 


  1. I sounds like a lovely wedding and that you had lots of fun dancing.

    That is really a shame about the zipper. I bet some heads will roll over that. :-)

  2. Have to edit a little here. Groom sang as the Bride came down the aisle to him instead of the wedding march.

  3. Sending big virtual congratulations to the Bride & Groom on their big anticipated evening. Let good luck, faith, passion and understanding stay with them forever! The whole event sounds brilliantly laid out and so personalized just for them. No doubt you all had much fun. It's always nice to share in someone's happiness.
    Pole dancing... belly dancing... square dancing... I bet you can do it all! I bet you have some real smooth moves Terry!! :)

  4. Weddings are as much trial as they are ceremony. I had an international wedding held in the Philippines and by the end of that thing I felt good to have simply survived it! Being on the outside of such things is more pleasant than having to deal with the ins and outs of it all, I know that for a fact. I bet you did bust some moves on the dance floor! You go girl...no for the pain killers!

  5. Girl..I am not in the least surprised at that wedding and how it went. It sounds..like I always and ever say, like something I would love to have been there to see.

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