Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a couple of scares!

I thought my computer was dying.  It's started doing funny things.  No matter where I moved the mouse something would pop up without my clicking on it.  Then suddenly it started freezing up on whatever did come up.  Tried the unplugging thing and restarting.  Same problem. Couldn't get to Control area to check things as it froze on start up screen.  Was getting ready to take to have it looked at when I thought maybe the mouse was doing it.  We took Jack's mouse off his laptop and put it on my machine.  WALLA!  It works!  So off to buy me a new mouse to hubby can have his back.

I think I've told you about my niece that was having twins.  They are due in the middle of Aug.  Well yesterday her water broke and they have her in the Neonatal unit in Rockford.  The doctors said it's too early for the babies lungs to they have her on steroids for them, other meds to hold off for a while and close watch.  I know you will add her and the babies to your prayers.  She is such a sweet girl and wonderful mother to her two other kids and will be to these two also.

My husband is on my list this morning.  I have to have my 5 year colon check today and haven't had enything to eat for that last 24 hours and you what that Jerk did?  He cooks bacon and waffles for himself.  Now I have to smell that.  It's just not right.  I called him a couple names for making me smell that, and told him he could have had cereal so I didn't have to.  Since I don't go until this afternoon, I think it's cruel.  He has the nerve to say he can't smell it.  Well he has a cold.   Hmmmmmmmmmm!  Maybe I just won't give him back his mouse.  ;)

Have a good day!


  1. It's usually not a problem with plug and play devices but on occasion there are exception to that rule for sure. I had a USB cord get dust in it and it made my keyboard do some really funky things before I cleaned it up with a can of compressed air. Nothing worse than a child suffering illness...one more prayer from here! You're really suffering aren't you? My goodness a meal like that so close and yet so far! LOL, I can imagine the urge to get a little revenge for yourself must be terrible!

  2. Yep, a little revenge may be what's ordered.LOL
    You have my prayers for your niece.

  3. I don't know. Holding his mouse for ransom could end you up in the slammer.

  4. I can't understand why all of those test can't be scheduled for the morning. I think you should keep the mouse. :-)
    Your niece and her babies are in my prayers.

  5. Afternoon appointment? How cruel!
    Hope all goes well. Your niece is in my prayers and the two precious babies.
    I'll bet if you fry bacon and eggs early tomorrow morning he'd git up because of the smell...LOL! Ya, I'd hold on to his mouse for awhile.

  6. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Well Sugar, I have to say that Jack isn't the one having the 5 year colon check so why can he not enjoy himself some bacon and waffles? Oh why, must be men suffer along with you women, don't you love us?!?? Bwahahahaa! Just joking of course, or am I? :)
    Glad to hear that it was only your mouse and not something more major. Uuugh! Computers! Pffft!