Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Wow! I didn't realize I had been goofing off this long.  Really have to get my act together around here.

I know I just couldn't seem to put the words together to say what I feel of the tragedy in Aurora.  I just don't understand what goes through the minds of some people.  Have been praying for their families and so proud and awed by those who helped those poor people.  A situation like that does show the best in people too, but what an awful way to highlight it.

Our day trip last week was succesful for the fellows.  Jim and Jack both purchased things they thought they needed, teehee.  It was a long trip over as due to road construction there was detours that took us longer.  We stopped for lunch at a nice homey place and the food was awesome.  Hot beef sandwiches and definitely not the shaved beef many use, but real roast beef sliced, stacked, and served with real mashed potatoes and covered in homemade gravey.  Followed with the tastiest glass of lemonade I've ever had.  The trip home was shorter as we went a different way but it was still a long day.

Had Aarons graduation party and the park that it was in was by the river and had a breeze so that helped with the heat.  It was great fun and there was lots for the kids to do.  Horsehoes, softball, volleyball, bags, and washers for those who wished to play.  A sandy playground for the little ones and tons of good food.    The visiting with family and friends and congratulations to the Aaron was the best part of course. Have some pictures will try to put up soon.

Needless to say been resting yesterday and took another road trip with Darla and Jim this morning.  We got up and went all the way to Wisconsin Dells and had breakfast at Paul Bunyan's.  It was lined up way out the door but it move really fast.  We had a great meal and was home by noon.  The strange thing was we left town this morning and didn't even know that the west side of the city was hit pretty hard by a storm that went through. We had a limb down in our yard and a leaves blown around the street, but didn't realize it was any worse that that.  The pictures we saw on fb when we came home were  wild.  Damage to houses, cars, trees torn out of the ground all over.  Wonderfully there have been no reports of anyone injured in any way.  There are suppose to be more storms tonight and I pray they are not as strong.  

Well I've rattled on long enough.  You all have a good evening.     


  1. I am glad you had fun on both of your outings.

    I am sorry about the storm damage. The storms around here just keep missing us.

  2. We returned from a trip where there was no internet at all so I just heard of the shooting thing...yikes! What on earth is going on these days? The mountains where we were were much cooler than here in the city...I miss being out of the heat and the awful news already!

  3. I'm glad you got to have family fun and were kept safe.Sorry yall had bad weather, but glad yall are ok.

  4. Oh GIRL that is horrible about the storm damage to your town and to the residents properties. Happens everywhere I know..sure happens a lot here.

    Your get togethers (Aaron's graduatin) are just soooo wonderful. This gal here in TN. just sits and how I would love to be there too. I have always loved my Wisconsin girls, you, and Sherry. And now Mary :-) You gals are the salt of the earth.

    OK. Of I flattered you enough, I'll have a plate of food and double down on the desserts. Thanks. xox

  5. These graduation parties must be such fun, I'm not aware that we have them here in UK, I hope the storms get easier and soon just peter out, keep safe.