Friday, July 27, 2012

Update and coming events

Now that one party is behind us the next one lines up.  I told you the graduation party was a success and promised a picture or two.  Here they are.
Here is Bri with the mini-cupcakes she made for the party.

This cake had a wonderful strawberry filling.  Isn't it great that his school colors are the same as the Packers.  Unfortunately his college has Bears colors. LOL

He makes us all so proud.

Let the game begin.

There were so many more that it just was hard to pick what to put up.

Now the getting ready for the family reunion next Sat.  We had a big surprise for us 4 girls.  My brother and his wife have decided to come and visit.  They will be here Thur. and will go to the reunion with us.  Though it's a reunion on my mothers side we welcome all.  That's how we roll.  There will be cookouts here at the house on Fri. and Sun.   They will head back Tue. Has been years since we seen them and we are all excited.  

I must say, while this has been a pretty active summer with all the parties we had to attend, the day trips and camping,  I think I will welcome a rest.  Let's say for about 6 months.  LOL!  The only part I won't look forward too is winter.  The older I get the less I like it. 

 Mary's from Ireland were awesome.  We spent last Thur. looking at them.  What a beautiful country.  She brought us all a key chain with the family name on it.  I sure wish my mother could have made it there. 

Well that's it for today.  You all enjoy yours.


  1. You are having quite a time aren't you? My goodness it sounds like you've got your plate full with good things, enjoy every moment of it my friend!

  2. The cake and cupcakes look so good. Congratulations!

  3. Your family sure is busy. Cute cupcakes and Bri looks so pretty. Now we have to talk to your granson about the Bears!

  4. You really are having an active summer! But in winter you can get back to your hobbies!

  5. Enjoy your family gatherings. Bri is gonna make a baker, I think, pretty young lady too.

  6. I love parties, and if I could have cupcakes like them I'd like them more. LOL but family parties must be the best of all. We had a little one on Saturday.
    About 6 months is about long enough without a good old get together.