Friday, August 17, 2012

Guess Who?

Yep, it's me.  Thought it's time I get off my lazy streak and get to keeping this site up.  Been spending a lot of time out in the beautiful weather between chores, a couple games and popping in and out of fb reading a few things, leaving a few things then heading back outside.  Have my crossword puzzle books, some magazines and kindle out in the sun with me.  Went around and visited you folks this morning.  Seeing all I have missed makes me even more determined to get myself back in the groove.

My nephew Trent is getting married and two weeks.  Why do I bring this up.  A reminder to anyone dealing with place to get everything in writing.  They rented the Marine Corps league hall for $800.  She went to make the payment and they have doubled the price.  The committe that was in charge has changed and they changed everything.  With just two weeks to go there is nowhere else available so they're stuck.  They will get $400 back after they clean it but really.  Now we know why so many don't recommend this place.

I'm spoiled I think.  While sitting here reading all your wonderful posts and trying to do this one, the hubby brought me a  plate of eggs, bacon and hash browns.  He's a gem, I guess I'll keep him, ;-).

As you know our reunion was a great success.  Well one relative from Fla. had bought a camera online a couple months before it and could not figure out how to work it.  She says she got no instructions with it at all.  Either paper or a cd to explain it as most do.  She bought it direct from China and has tried to sell it and called us a couple times.  Well she brought it with her (I had told her to as someone at the reunion may want it) but forgot to bring to the party.  Well yesterday on her way back home she dropped it off here and said if we could find someone who could use it and understand give it to them and she would just eat the $200.  It's a Konica/Minolta DiMAGE Z3 and though it has a place to connect it to the internet but no way to connect it.  Tried looking on internet to get instructions, no help and Konica/Minolta got out of the camera business in 2006 so we're on our own. We're working on it to see what we can figure out and then decide what to do with it.  It does take a good picture so far that we can tell through the view screen.

Well, have I rattled one about enough different subjects, lol.  Guess that's what I get for goofing off. 

You all have a good day.  The sun is shining and as soon as it warms up some (it's only 56 right now) I'll be headed outside again. 

Yup, spoiled.  Hubby is doing the dishes.  Guess I better go help (sheepish look).


  1. Hi Terry, Thank you so much for following . . . now I'm following you, too. Connie :)

  2. Several years ago when I had my Kodak camera, I didn't have a USB cord for it and needed one so I could upload them to my computer. I went to Walmart and they had the handiest thing ever. It was a "portable" USB cord (what USB cord isn't portable?) that the cord part rolled up into a little spindle so you could put it in your pocket and it wouldn't get tangled. It came with several different sizes of connectors for connecting the camera or mp3 player. Even if it doesn't list your particular brand of camera, I'll be you can find a cord for it!

    I am spoiled, too. My hubby is in the kitchen right now emptying the dishwasher after he ironed. lol He's so good to me. We are blessed to have husbands who love us enough to work for us while we chat with people we don't even know. :)

    Glad you're back....hope the wedding turns out to be wonderful, even though it's more expensive than they thought. It seems that is happening more and more these days!

  3. Oh, and that's a beautiful photo....relaxing...do you live near a lake?

  4. I've noticed more and more that instructions have to be Googled to be found...it's really a different world don't you think? The weather has been quite warm during the day then much much cooler at night I sort of don't like it...30 degree shifts in the day is a bit much for me. I've got some running to do today which doesn't thrill me but sometimes that's just how it is. Bless you m friend, have a great Friday!

  5. Hi Terry - good to see you again. I haven't been around much myself. When you live in our state, you should enjoy as many days outside as you can in the summer because it won't last!!! So, don't feel guilty.

  6. None of those temps here my girl! Still i the 80's but that's OK. Beats over a 100 the way it was.

    I would have hoped that the Marine Hall would have honored that prior committment. That sucks! Shame on them.

    You really really do have to research when you buy electronics or cameras on-line. Best to get it from a reputable dealer like Keh or B&H Foto and Electronics. Both my son and I get all of our cameras, lenses and other things needed from one of those two companies. Guaranteed and new equipment and always backed up with a guarantee as I said. Manuals paper and on-line included.


  7. It is gorgeous here today, it hasn't reached 70 degrees yet and we got some blessed rain!