Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not much going today.

Went and pick 4 identical picture frames to put the kids senior pictures in to rehang.  They looked kind of funny to me, with 3 the same and one different.  Since they were there for some time, finding the same kind to get just one was impossible.  So 4 it was.  Now to hang them.

Also had to get a new battery for my own little Nikon camera, as it doesn't hold much of a charge any longer.  Batteries Plus had on and it is now charging.  At least I hope that's the problem.  It won't turn on so  keep your fingers crossed.  If not, I may have to order the company brand. Online they wanted $36 for it and I paid $21.  On the up side.  If it doesn't work I have the one that the cousin left here.  Lol.  Strange how things work out.

No Carole, it doesn't run in the family, lol.  Sherry usually comes up with such things. I think I posted once about a water balloon fight that got us iced or the Packer rug she stole.  Yesterday she tried to convince Rhonda that Obama was going to be in Beloit on Fri. and wanted to know if she wanted to go, lol.   As Joe says, she is a stinker.  How her mind works baffles us ;-).  I agree with you on DWTS.  Hope she goes out quickly.  There were many others they could have picked.

Now I think I'll head out and get a external hard drive to put a most of the stuff I have clogged this machine up with.  Then maybe take it in for a checkup.  I know all the slowing isn't due to the internet.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. I get such a kick out of the antics you guys pull! It always brings a smile to my face! Have a great day my friend!

  2. You girls are always having fun. Makes me miss my sister.

  3. Was that the rug in the bar entryway? LOL!
    Yes the antics are fun. Tell Sherry I'm bringing a busload to Beloit and later to her house for supper ;-)

  4. Always something going on with you all..sounds like fun! Know what you mean about the camera..happens to me too. I sure miss mine when it goes on the blink. Hope the battery works fine. As for the computer after a few years they do get full of info and work so slow. I sure hope I have backed up all my stuff just in case when it happens. Sounds like you are on top of it though. Take care

  5. Love the pic Terry... such still waters, perfect for skipping rocks across the surface. Staring at this pic, all seems so peaceful that I could almost imagine hearing nothing but the birds... maybe the rustling of the leaves when the wind blows just right!
    Things seem to be going pretty good for you. Glad to hear. I have so many pictures in albums, show boxes, envelopes. I need to get a few in frames and put up. If I did, maybe my place would feel more lived in.

    1. It's been a while. You have been missed. I have so much to catch up with you!