Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What a week...

....plus a few days.  All the friends and relatives are now gone.  It's quiet here once more.  Now all the after parties stuff to take care of.  Have taken a day here just to relax and will get moving on that in the morning.

The reunion was an enormous success.  We definitely had a least 200 show up.  Yes, as always, there were a few who didn't.  No surprise as they don't usually show anyway.  More food that even all those people could eat.  Egg tosses and 3-legged races were hilarious.  Jodi got a hair full of egg and look at this.

Sherry and Jodi practicing.

Those of you on fb can check our sites and see all the pictures.  There are just too many to put up here.  Each family had a group picture taken.  We didn't have a pro with the right lenses so we didn't get an entire group shot like the last one.  That would have been awesome.  

A friend of Danielle's donated her time to DJ and the dancing went on til 9.  It was a long day starting a 12 though were there earlier to set up of couse.  It's taken me two days to get the body to move again, lol.  

There was a picture of all of us 1st cousins that were there.

See the Bear fan.  We tried to block his shirt (lol) so he stood up on the bench.  Had some fun teasing each other. 

Our brother and his wife made it from California and the Florida group all made it.  Danielle's girl friend and two of her daughters came from Idaho.  What lovely girls.

Did get a storm,which scared a few off, but it didn't last long and we diehards just kept right on.  Never keep our family down for long.   Sunday we had a small yard get-together which finished off the food we all brought.  Yesterday we went out for dinner with the Leroy and Cher before they headed back to Calf.   Then, it was home to finally relax for the night.  If you would like to see more pics, I'll try to put up a few more.

Well that's the report on the reunion.  We do hope to do it more often that a 25 year space between them.  It was just too much fun not too.  Not to mention keeping more in touch.

Have a good night all. 


  1. It all sounds wonderful. I miss the family reunions we had. Not many left to have a reunion any more.

  2. I'm glad it was such a success for you and that you had such a good time my friend!

  3. Terry, what a wonderful, memorable get together, one I'm sure you'll all remember for a long time, and isn't it great that nowadays we can keep records of these occasions on film, just think of all the past parties and re-unions and birthdays that have no visual memory and are lost forever, I bet you treasure the photos, thanks for sharing your day.

  4. Thanks for sharing your family reunion with us all. What a blessing that you all could get together and catch up.

  5. There is nothing more wonderful than a reunion of people who genuinely enjoy each other and wish each other well. My high school class has one at least every 5 years - none of the other classes in our high school seem to have them ever. We really like each other and most were together from first thru senior high (we didn't have kindergarten in those days. I inadvertently hosted a reunion a couple of weeks ago - a niece from CA asked if she could stay for a week and I said yes p then a Kentucky nephew with wife and 2 sets of twins found he was visiting his Mom here at the same time, a Texas niece then made plans to join and a PA niece and family drove up - My sister flew in from CA, local brothers (4) came, my brother's band played, cousins were invited, friends of all all the above came and we had a near perfect day. I didn't realize until the day before that I was actually hosting a party, I just thought a lot of people were coming over. And all I had to do was make a potato salad - one or the other of the guests did all the chore things - I ended with a party and a clean house - at least 70 people were here.
    Aren't people from big families lucky? You may do without a lot of things when you are young, but later - there's always a cousin or sibling to call on.

    1. So true Dave. We always have a great time together, whenever that is, but this reunion was long overdue.