Monday, April 29, 2013

Loose dogs, GRRRR!

For the life of me (and it could be) I don't understand people that won't confine their pets.  I don't know if I mentioned a week ago a pit bull down the street came charging at Jack and Oreo as they went for a walk.  Saturday when I took Oreo another one from a different place came charging at us. We don't have a collar on Oreo, it's one of the vests he wears and it's a good thing.  We both had to yank the lease and get him into our arms will hoping the pit doesn't try to attack.  They certainly sere growling like that was next when the owners got them.  Why you would have a pit bull in a two room duplex with 3 kids, or a 4 room house with kids is beyond me.  The thing is knowing these people it makes me wonder what their up to.  Then the one place the owners boyfriend just spent time in jail and had 4 pit bulls taken and euthanized as he trained them to attack.  She still has her own which is the one Jack had to deal with. 
Now it's not just pit bulls.  There was one little wire haired dog no bigger than Oreo that came after us and some kids of big white dog that is always loose and checked us out.  Each owner said their dog won't bite.  Yeah sure.  Any dog will bite if it feels the least bit threatened and seeing another dog can make them feel this way.  Then we have a lady with 3 retrievers that walks them unleased with the leash in her hand.  Granted they are trained to walk with her, but have wandered into the yard just to sniff poor Oreo.  I have told them all they must leash them.  We'll see.  One more troubled walk and I will have to turn them in.  I do not like to do that to people, but if they care not for others safety or keeping their pets safe, than that is the way it will be.
On another subject I would like to ask for prayers for an old friend.  She would hang out at our house when we were teens.  She is undergoing surgery for throat cancer.  Thankk you.
The weather has been so beautiful I have spent the last few days outside almost all day.  Oreo loves it. I now have a red face lol.  Not too bad, but just a nice color.  Now the clouds and more rain later tonight and for a couple days, on and off. 
Dancing With the Stars tonight.  Sure hope Andy goes this time and we can get on with the more decent competition.  I do think it will come down to Zendaya and Kelly.  I would be happy with either.
Well enough rattling on.  Work to get done around here and a puppy to spoil.
Have a great day!


  1. Terry, don't wait to turn them in. The next time might result in a tragedy. I see something like that in the paper almost every day. Just last week in Peoria a little girl was mauled to death in her yard by a pit bull.

    Prayers for your friend!!

  2. Some people think the world revolves around them. Nobody else matters.
    I hope your friend recovers.

  3. I agree with Beth and Paul! They really DO think the world revolves around them and their dogs. Pit bulls scare the pee water outta me and I frankly,would hesitate to take a walk with them or other bully dogs loose. PLEASE turn them in.

    The Lord knows who your friend is and when I mention her in my prayers He will know. Consider it done.

    As for DWTS, you're right, those are the only two worth watching. Ansy GOTTA go...please.

  4. I too am enjoying some long over due warm weather and cleaning up the yard. It really does spoil your doggie time when you have to worry about other dogs. Hope the situation gets better.

  5. I've had trouble with a variety of breeds on my walk. I think as much as anything the owners need to be caged! The last incident that happened to me I called animal control and have been trouble free since.