Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing you a nice Mother's Day!
We had our usualy cookout yesterday for Mother's Day.  Yes it was cold but we don't let a little weather spoil our plans as you will see from the pictures below.
The Sisters-Mine (that's what the call each other).

My sister Jodi and me.

Danielle at her party best.

Darla gave us all the idea for the hats.


The crazy group.
It was cold and windy but we managed to have a good time anyway.  We moved the vehicles and  around to block the wind and sat in the driveway between them and the camper.  Helped a great deal.   The only drawback was when it was time to eat, but the wind had died down by then and all was good.
You all have a good day.


  1. Those pictures made me smile ear to ear! Not even weather can hold you down! Happy Mother's Day my friend!

  2. I love those pictures. It is wonderful that you have family close by.

    Happy Mother's day to a dear friend!

  3. You all know you are my favorites in the world. LOVE seeing you all together.
    Happy Mothers Day xox

  4. Happy Mother's Day - I love those pictures. Yes, that's how we have to dress sometimes in the spring. he he - what spring - none this year I'm afraid.