Saturday, May 25, 2013

This is the first Memorial Day weekend without Jack's mother.  She always wanted a cookout on this weekend.  Even when she was in a wheelchair last year we brought her down to enjoy it.  It's suppose to be rainy on and off all weekend here, so a cookout looks out of the question.  I guess that it's kind of appropriate that it's a rainy weekend.

Memorial Day is such a special day for the country.  It reminds us of, and honors those who help make America that country it is and those who help to keep us safe.  Those mem and women deserve evy honor and accolade they get and more.  It takes a toll on them and their families that most of us will ever be able to understand.  I had an uncle who never was the same after WWII.  He would never talk about his time and drank heavily when he came home.  Sad to say he passed in his forties, leaving a wife and seven children.   So, I tip my hat to my uncle Bill, Sherry's husband Bill, my uncle Ken his boy and grandsons, my son Jack and all others who sacrifice for us, whether it's in combat times or peace.


  1. Yes the men who serve your country is
    honoured. I am a Canadian but I do respect

    Americans soldiers as well.

    My brothers went to war two of them. To


    One came back shot in the leg real bad and the

    one had a hand grenade thrown at him and

    blew his

    hearing. To wear back then those huge


    He had a terrible aftermath nightmares and his

    personality was changes for the worse and he


    He died young.

  2. We have a lot to be thankful in this country and appreciating those that fought for our freedom are at the top. Nice post.

  3. Oh, that's sad that this is your first Memorial Day without your beloved mother in law. It's appropriate, indeed, that it is raining. But, in her honor, you might slap some burgers under the broiler inside...and remember the good times you had with her.

    So many have died defending this country...and fighting for the freedom of people in other countries. We can never repay our debt to those young men and their families who gave the ultimate sacrifice that few are willing to give. God be with our country.

  4. We should be mindfully grateful each DAY if only a thought before the day begins.

  5. Terry, do a rant. Make it about driving if you like. I would LOVE to read it and by the way, were you happy with the DWTS winner? I was. Just wish the little girl could have been a co-winner with her.

    1. Sure was happy with DWTS winner. It was who I voted for. I just wish that Ali would have also made the top 3. I think she was better than Jacoby.