Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's allmost impossible.

One of the rules after the surgery is NOT to bend over to reach for, or pick anything up.  This is to make sure the lens that was put in stays in place while healing.  It's almost impossible not to bend over before you remember it's too late.  When you have a little active puppy who wants to place fetch the ball or toy doesn't just jump up in your hand.  Poor Oreo just can't understand why Mom doesn't play with him as much.  Glad it's only for a week, but then it does happen again on the 21st.  Poor little guy.
We have a new addition to the family.  Yes I've already told you about Ella the granddaughter.  This is grand-cat.  Danielle's husband was given this little darling for his birthday.  His name is Remington, called Remi for short.
Isn't he just the cutest thing?
Family had a fright yesterday.  My nephew's wife and their daughter and were going to Walmart when a young girl hit them in the passenger side.  Though both were unharmed, we are just so thankful that for some reason their son wasn't with them.  That was just where she hit and it did smash into his car seat.  Why she decided to only take one child she has not clue.  She just told Ryker he could go alone with her next time.  God was surely looking out for him. 
Have good day.


  1. OMC - that was a close call. So happy everyone is okay. God is good! Poor Oreo - I have a similar problem with Mario as he doesn't understand why my back won't allow me to get down on the floor with him anymore. That kitten is simply adorable. I see you are also a family of animal lovers!

  2. I can imagine the restrictions while you heal being interesting to say the least. I will be so glad for you when you're done and healed. That a very cute kitten by the way!