Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I fixed it.

The top canopy for the swing.  As I said the other day, it was not wide enough for the 3 seater swing.  It needed an additon as it was about 8+ inches too short.  Here it is.
The colors don't match but as long as it works it's alright with me.
I think I told you about my husbands camera trouble.  He went all the way up to the camera store where he bought it and lo and behold it's closed and gone.  No 'moved to' or anything.  Just closed shop.  Now he has to either to to Madison or Rockford to try and find some help.  Here is his camera.

   It's a Konica Minolta DSLR MAXXUM 5D
He really likes it.  Hope we can get to the bottom of the trouble.
 On a sad note a dear friend from England who used to live here, only has a short time in this world.  Maureen has cancer in her brain and is under hospice care.  She was married to a neighbor and they divorced so she went back to England.  We got the word today time is not on her side.  I pray she goes peacefully.  She has a dear man friend with her all the time and they plan to be married right away.  God Bless You Maureen. 
Well have to go fix another project.  Oreo took the cushion out of his crate and tore it open, pulling the stuffing out.  For some reason he thinks it's a toy.  Maybe he's trying to tell me something, but I can't think of what.
Have a good night.


  1. Oreo ripping up his cushion reminds me of another blog friend's dog. She always rips up her squeaky toys and tears the squeaky out of it., Then the fur comes off. Who knows what goes thru their dear little heads. Oreo was probably just having fun acting like a puppy again.

    So very sorry to hear about your friend. That is a horrible cancer to have.

    Love your canopy - you did an outstanding job on it.

  2. So sorry about your friend. Glad she has someone with her.
    Your dog needs fiber ;-) Or more toys?
    You did a great fix on the canopy. Cool

  3. That swing still looks great to me...wish I had one right this minute! That's difficult with the camera to say the least...I hope something works out that is easy and not too expensive. So sad about your friend, I'm very sorry about that.

  4. I am sorry to hear about your friend.
    That's a swingin' swing.
    Your dog was just having some fun I think.