Saturday, August 3, 2013

Look what I bought.

Went out for lunch Wed. and stopped at a furniture store to look around on the way home.  Have been needing a new sofa and wanted to see what they have.  Well yup.  I did it.  Took the plunge and here is what I got.
The matching chair was out of stock at that store but will be here Tuesday.
Now for Jack.

I do worry he'll spend too much time there ;-).
Oreo is not too sure about this change yet.  He was so funny when they delivered it.  He sat in his crate (door open) and just watched the whole thing.  Very quiet and calm.  As soon as all was in and the guys were talking to Jack I think he decided the strangers in his domain were there long enough.  He came out of crate and barked at them (to leave?).  Such a silly little dog. 
Have birthday party later this evening.  Grea-grandson Logan is 6 already. Man, the time really flies.
Went the annual street dance last night for a few hours.  The music was great but I wasn't quite sure of the name of the band.  "Reverand Raven and the Chain Smoking Alter Boys".   Some thought that wasn't appropriate and other funny.  I guess I'm of the  'to each his own' group.  Considering they've been doing it for 12 years that I know of, it seemed a little disorganized to me.  Food vendors weren't ready with the hot stuff when they opened.  Ticket takers had to walk the crowd to get the money.  I'm wondering if it was because they had a sidewalk sale right up to half hour before this started.
You all have a great weekend.


  1. I remember when LOGAN was born too. My gosh, all my blogging friends grandchildren are in my memory. xoxoxox Gorgous sofa and chair. Oreo? You need to step up and decorate!

  2. Getting some new furniture can be a really nice change I hope you enjoy every minute of it! Dogs are funny and though we've not had one in some years now I still well remember some oddities...some pleasant, some not.

  3. Lovely comfy couch..looks like one of those that I have seen which is easy cleanable now. I hope to get one in the future..so nice they have improved on the quality of the coverings. Nice color too. I sure miss visiting people..hope I get my access back soon. Take care :-)

  4. Congratulations on the new furniture. It's always fun to get something new for the house. That's funny about Oreo. Pets are so amusing - either cat or dog - they have minds of their own and know exactly what they like and what they don't like. Obviously, Oreo didn't want company around, especially noisy disruptive company. So funny.

  5. Good for you and your hubby! That was funny that Oreo barked at them to leave. He's such a cutie pie! Time does fly by now. Don't you wish we could lasso it and make it slow down??? I know I do! Enjoy your furniture, but make sure you get up off that couch to come and let us know what's happening in your world!! (I think that is a funny name for a band! Won't soon forget that name!)

  6. Congrats on the couch. I know I may be in the market for a new dryer. They don't build them like they used to.

  7. My hubby wanted two buy new chairs after over 30 years wear of love seat that matches the other sofa. So we got rid of the love seat so the two chairs sit in place of it.

    Now we have the big sofa still that matched the love seat. It is my stetch out comfy sofa.

    Well I am afraid I cannot part with my sofa.It is my best friend beside hubby. At night I have a blanket and curl up to watch t.v. There is not a tear in it and it is not dirty and it is light pastel flower colors. I know flowers are out but I love flowers.And my friends say. Your sofa looks like new. How do you keep it so clean with having 6 Grandchildren . Well seeing my hubby is dutch. When the kids came over our family have adapted in their homes slippers , socks and no shoes. Except of course back then the babies wore baby shoes. When they were two they used to jump on the sofa's but The sofas keep to-gether.

    I tried the new chair he bought and all my company love the chairs and sit on them. Not I. I am afraid you cannot change the old girl yet.

    I guess I am an old what did you say. Ya thats me.