Friday, August 30, 2013

Nice little trip.

Back from out little trip.  It's always sad to go to a funeral but it was a nice service and the family seems to be doing okay.  We stayed over night at our friend Jerry's place.  Our son Jared followed us up to attend the service then had to go back right away as he had to work the next morning.  While he was there he took us to see where he and his lady stay when they go up.  A nice lovely trailer, (though it does need a new roof) just down the road from Castle Rock Lake.  Such a beautiful lake it is.  We stayed over night at our friends trailer that the guys all use for hunting.  That too was a nice place.  Had a campfire and sat reminiscing about the times a group of us all went camping together.  What fun to recall all the fun stuff and the antics of the kids.  How one time we circle the campers like the old west and we had between all of us 42 kids.  You would not believe there was never a fight among them.  Guess there was enough that if you didn't want, or like the games they were playing you just joined another bunch.  How I miss those times.  Alas, life goes on, the kids grow up and move on their own lives.  But what wonderful memories.
We were only gone 24 hours but I think we were being punished when we got home.  Oreo did not come to either one of us.  Deedee brought him in from his haircut and he went right to Darla.  I think we're back in his good graces now though.
Have a good rest of the day.


  1. A funeral is always so sad. I am glad you had some pleasant things to think about while you were there.

  2. I'm glad you had a safe journey my friend...hope your punishment doesn't last long ;)

  3. FORTY TWO KIDS!!!! OMG!!! I cannot even imagine that many kids on a camp out! I bet you DO miss that. I bet all those kids miss that, too!! Do you have pictures of that?

    Little Oreo....giving you the cold shoulder....tell him I said, "shame, shame....give your mommy a kiss and say you're sorry."

  4. 42 kids! Sounds like the class rooms when I went to school. Though there weren't as many kids I have wonderful memories of being with my cousins on Cape Cod when growing up.
    Unfortunately funerals are part of all our lives.

  5. So glad you had fun on your little trip. I know the Castle Rock Lake area too - beautiful place. he he - I suspect you were being punished by Oreo. Animals have a way of letting us know they don't like being left home (even with a good pet sitter).

  6. Sad that you had to say good-bye . . . funerals at never things we want to attend, and yet it seems that funerals and weddings are the only time we get to see some of our friends and family. It is nice that you had time to visit and mull over memories. Have a lovely week and thank you for visiting and the sweet birthday wish that you left me :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  7. Terry, it's not a tag. It's tinier than a grain of rice and it's like in a seam or suchlike.

  8. Oh great memories. Sad it most happens with funerals but gladness with memories with Weddings.

    Oh so you got the cold shoulder. Oh they know. Mommies away.

    I babysat my sons families dog Teddy in summer for 14 days and he would not eat for three days. It scared the willyies for me.

    He sat on his wee basket looking at the front door for them. I tried games with him. Go the leach to go for walks. No way.

    Every slam of a car door from neighbours he barked and then baby wined..

    It broke my heart but then I just kept giving him hugs.

    He came around and ate but funny. He took his food and shoved it in the one bed cornor in the basket in living room and hid it. Then he watched me. When I went into the kitchen.

    I heard him chopping on them. Bless his heart. But Joy for me knowing he was eating. When his master came home. He ran to her but for a day he came sat on my knee.

  9. Well, what a lovely surprise background and header, beautiful rose, you have been busy since \i was last here, Funerals are sad but it seems you took out the best bits and made a nice memory of it, All these kids and not a cross word, my, that must be a record!
    I smiled at your reception from Oreo, bless him, but I expect he's come round now and forgiven you.
    Thank you for visiting, it means a lot to think I haven't been forgotten completely, i'm trying to keep up my blogging a bit more. Take care and look after yourself.