Friday, December 6, 2013

Good Morning

Good morning.  Hope you all aren't being too inconvenienced by the weather out there.  Been lucky so far, but of course that won't last. 
Bathroom just about complete.  Just paint touch ups.  It seems like it's been a long hall and I guess it has been.  What with interruptions like deer/turkey hunting, time out he took to help his friend.  It's all worth it.  Came out real nice.
Had a lovely Thanksgiving with Jared and Heidi in their new house.  Darla and Jim came also. This is the year the kids go to the other sides of the family.  Good food, good fun and the best company made for a lovely day. 
Haven't even started to think about Christmas decorating until today.  It seems like everyone I know has their stuff up but us.  Hopefully we can get it all done today.  Jack has an indoor tournament in horseshoes (indoor) tomorrow and that can take all day, so I want him to get the stuff down from the garage today.  Cross you fingers.  He can tend to be kind of a Scrooge. He's gotten much better through the years and every points out a decoration or two when shopping. Christmas was never a very happy time in his youth and becoming a member of my family was definitely bit of a shock.  Well always decorated just about every inch of the house.   They get-togethers I think Sherry or I have mentioned before.  Everyone crammed into one house with a number of friends who joined in our celebration on Christmas Eve.   It did outgrow the parents house and moved to Sherry's. 
Well better get off and get the corner ready for the tree.   Have a good day and be careful out there.
   P.S. Hey Joe, if you see this, I'm wondering if I did something wrong as I can no longer comment on you site.  It's not that I'm not visiting it, I am, but it won't let me comment.    


  1. Hi Terry, yes it's me ! I actually got a buzz from you to-day which prompted me to look and it was on my jokey site, lovely to hear from you.
    Nice to hear how you are all getting on. I too am going to have a 'makeover' in my bathroom, starting in a couple of weeks.
    I have only just started writing Christmas cards, that's about as far as I've got done for Christmas, but no doubt I'll edge up a gear or two in the next week or so. Take care I'm well and hope you are too. X

  2. Project done in time for Christmas. It is worth the wait after it's done lol. I am still waiting on mine to be finished. It has been many years since my relation got together. Really sad. I get so much joy reading of your wonderful family.
    Stay warm. It is brutal out there.

  3. Enjoy your Christmas, and your new bathroom

  4. I am so glad your bathroom is near finished. I tried to comment on Joe's post too with no luck.

    Have fun decorating.

  5. The weather has been so bad! I love comments and have changed nothing but you're now the second friend not able to comment...what on earth? I hope it will work itself out or I may have to mess with the settings which may create another issue :(

  6. I suspect that by now you have had the snow/freezing rain to make a mess in your area too. We had 4 inches last night. Winter is here to stay for sure. That is a beautiful header on your blog.