Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I hate to say it...

...but I'm freezing and winter is just getting started.  Hope the penned in blues don't take over anytime soon.  Otherwise it will be a really long winter.  I will be getting out some this month, what with the school choir concerts for Nicole and Carson.  Nicole actually has two.  One this Sat. with a two city symphony performance and again at the school on the 18th.  Carson's is next Tuesday.
Was reading Paul's post and his take on Christmas songs.  Quite unique take and I loved it.  Got me to thinking about my favorites.  I really love most of them, but I really love "O Holy Night" and then for fun, it's "Santa Baby".  Especially when my daughter sings it.  A memory here--when I was in grade school in a Catholic school the choir had to sing before midnight Mass.   Since the church was on the other end of the school they had us start singing as we walked up the hall to school entrance and stand there and do the carols.  "O Holy Night" was one and the girl soloist was awesome.  Then we sang our way back to the choir room before being release to join our families.  Later so many people commented on how beautiful it was and sounded like a band of angels coming and going. 
I hope to get some good videos of the girls concerts to share with you if possible.
Everybody keep warm.


  1. Cold you can say that again.. No heat in my bedroom it was 54 in there before I put on my ceramic heater. So cold I could not get it above about 62 all night long. I find this winter worse than last year and am wearing two layers of clothes indoors all the time(.OLD house very drafty.) I bought some of those snuggie nylon kind of leggings to go under my clothes..sure helps. I guess I am just getting older or my blood is getting wayyyy thinner. Guess I need to migrate to Florida...now there is a thought. Wish I had the money...I would already be there LOL I love hearing all the carols..I used to be in a choir and we did similar caroling to each room..it was a neat way to get out of doing class work. Hope you stay warm too, looks like we will have a white Christmas and a very cold one. Happy New Year..

  2. Now I would love to see that video. By the way, O Holy Night is my favorite too as well as Silent Night.

    1. I love that song too but my very favorite is Hark the Herald Angels Sing sung by Neil Diamond. I love Christmas music and listen to it all year round.

  3. We've had brutal cold for ages now...I don't mind snow at about 32 degrees but below zero...yeah, I mind. I've actually listened to Loreena Mckennitt's Christmas album and loved that...not to mention some from Josh Groban.

  4. I'm not against Christmas music. I just hear it for 8-9 hours a day for 4 weeks. I just happen to tune into "Santa Claus is coming to town" and found the song was cheerfully threatening kids to behave. It just amused me as these songs are so ingrained in us over the years that you automatically know the words without thinking about them.
    Yup it's cold and snow is on the way. I will be going nowhere on Sunday.

  5. My daughter was in choir all through high school and I ALWAYS was weeping like a baby at the Christmas concerts....just for that reason....they sounded like a band of angels. I never thought to take tissues, either. Always felt so foolish because I never saw anyone else having to wipe their eyes and nose with their hand. lol Beautiful memory. And my daughter sings Santa Baby, too....because Madonna sang it on the album A Very Special Christmas....and Madonna was (and still is) my daughter's idol.