Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's depressing...

.....the weather I mean.  All gray, gloomy and rain on and off.  Poor Oreo spends most of the day on the back of the sofa staring out the window.  I sure hope the May flowers are in abundance with the April wet weather. 
Even more depressing is the bad behavior of people.  There have been two murders within 24 hours here last week.  Police are still trying for figure if they are connected.  How do you get people to learn to deal with problems in a better way.  Life is too precious to use violence to settle a disagreement.  In addition there have been about 6 or 7 hit and runs. One resulting in the death of two people on motorcycles.    Though it was a tough decision to make, I commend the dad that turned in his own son for the death of those two motorcyclists he hit and ran.  I really feel for the man.  Had to be the hardest thing he ever had to do.  
I don't know if I ranted about his before but there is a neighbor on the next street who lets his dogs out without a leash.  Needless to say they seem to think our yard is their dumpling grounds.  We carry a bag for out own little dog so our nieces and nephews little children are not stepping in Oreos business.  They play here a lot as we have a big yard.  Danielle has chased them out of the yard twice.  This morning it happened again and my hubby decided they need that stuff in their own yard.  He took a bag out, picked it up and went over and dumped it in their yard.  LOL!  Trying not to have to report them, but if it keeps up we will have to.
Sorry this is such a downer.  Just had to vent a little. 
One a upnote.  My daughter has an interview tomorrow for a new job.  I sure hope she gets it, as she's not real happy at the place she is at.  I pray it all goes her way.


  1. The weather is depressing here too! I am ready for some sunshine and warm weather!
    There was a person killed on a motorcycle in downtown Peoria over the weekend. He left the scene but was followed by another motorist and the police caught him. What is wrong with people??

  2. The weather really can bring me down too. Lately it's been so windy and rainy and oh yes: cold! It can effect attitudes all around but I pray for grace for you my friend. Dogs running free...ugh, don't get me started...that's rampant here despite the leash laws...I've been attacked by dogs before and reported the owners...it's really a problem.

  3. First I hope your daughter gets the job, !!
    \there is a law against dogs fouling in UK and a hefty fine if you're caught also for dogs running loose, But I do love hubby taking it into his own hands , not literally, ha. ha, but serves them right, hope they go out in their bare feet and step in it.
    That's awful about murders and stuff, but the world is becoming a far more violent place, years ago a murder would have been front page news, not now, barely a mention sometimes. hugs to Oreo and hope the weather perks up for him, and you too of course.

  4. I remember when I was a kid there would be dogs all over. It's pretty well controlled now but there's always somebody who is just plain thoughtless.