Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lobster Red

Well almost.  I'm a bad girl.  Did just what the Doc said not to do. Stay out in the sun.  We sat out in the yard Sunday, enjoying the beautiful day, and got my face sunburned.  It really didn't seem like the warm but you know how it is when you don't really feel the sun too much. After all I did have my coat on as it wasn't that warm.  Just didn't have tha heart to take Oreo inside.  He was enjoying it so much watching and playing with the kids.  
I really need to get to more reading.  I have been buying books for my kindle but just don't have the time to sit and read as much as I'd like.  Now that they are taxed at purchase here I don't have to hold back and keep account of every purchase for the tax lady.  Not that I like that there taxed.  Some pleasures should just be free, don't you think?
Went to a benefit for a dear lady that got throat cancer and must say what a success it was.  It makes you feel so good when people turn out and are willing to give for others.
Had a surprise party for my grandson's 30th birthday.  It's funny because his birthday isn't until May, but he's such a nosy little stinker his wife pulled and fast one and had it early.  Well it worked.  He really was surprised.  Fun was had by all.
Oreo is a little stinker.  He doesn't care much for a bath.  I got everything ready and Jack brought him up and I shut the door (he'll try to run).  When he couldn't get out he lifted his leg and proceeded to show us what his opinion was by letting the shower curtain have it.  'Make me take a bath, I'll make extra work for you.'  LOL
Well better get on with it.  Nothing gets done sitting here.  Have a good day.



  1. LOL!! I just imagined Oreo and the shower curtain. He really did show you.
    I am very careful not to be out in the sun too long after many trips to the dermatologist.

  2. Dogs do provide some entertainment! I loved this comedy relief this morning!

  3. Ha ha - what a little stinker that Oreo is. Guess he showed you! M is sitting here laughing so hard. You should try giving a cat a bath sometime!!! That idea came from M, not me - no way would I take a bath.

  4. Oreo, you are so adorable but mind your manners little man...be nice!

  5. I hope you don't have any problems with the sun Terry, after my skin cancer scare last year, I put suntan cream on at the first sign of it, I don't read as much as |I like either, a few pages at bedtime is about as much as I can manage, I don't have a kindlle and am a great customer of our local library, don't you have libraries.?
    That Oreo is one naughty boy, hope you gave his nether regions an extra scrub just to show who's boss LOL

  6. Sorry about the sunburn. It is strange that April sun can give you a sunburn, but nothing seems like it should be because of the changes in climate these days.
    Oreo must be adorable.
    Take care and stay indoors if you can.

  7. ha ha - that Oreo - what a stinker. Cats get even in other ways. We happened to be near Milwaukee on Sunday and it was beautiful down there. Then we had to come home - what a let down. Back in jackets and long sleeves.