Saturday, October 9, 2010

Love that Sun.

It's just so nice out there. Spent all day yesterday outside. Jodi and her grandkids were out there, Sherry came over and Darla and Jim showed up. Plan to spend today the same way if possible. Only a couple more of these days left, so have to take advantage.

Today I was suppose to go to the Badgers Homecoming game, but here I am instead. Since it has only been a couple days since I've had shoes on, I didn't think the long walk from where we park to the stadium and back was a good idea so I let Jared go instead. Of course he had to text and let me know what fun he's having and the game hadn't started yet, lol. I don't know how it works in other college towns but it's a wild and crazy time at Madison. Band members march up and down the streets before the game playing 'On Wisconsin'. Vehicles driving around all decked out, and a massive sea of Red and White everywhere. Party gardens outside bars and restuarants, and of course, tailgate partying everywhere. And, that's just before the game. So the girls and I are here hanging together.

Okay, I'm headed out. Hope you all have a nice day.


  1. Have fun y'all on this sunny day.

  2. Homecoming is always a fun and special weekend in Madison. I do miss the festive atmosphere that goes with it. Get the red out! Enjoy the sunny fall day. Sure hope the Packers can pull out a win today...but right now, they're not looking real good.

  3. Terri - I post as tenwhiskey, on ten's space on WLS.

    Windows Live Writer is a marvelous program. You may put this blog into it, wordpress and keep the windows essentials WS. Live Writer will support those. You simply select in LW the blog you wish to write in, and LW will accept that format, you may publish to any blog in the format of that blog, and you write in that format in LW.

    Pictures are easy to publish with LW.

    The draw back to LW is its internal formatting. It remembers in Rich Text which is rather outside of MS Words. You need Office if something happens to LW, to open your blog files.

    Past posts. Please, do not throw away your past writings.

    I threw away five years worth once and severly regret having done so.

    Best of luck, I now have you on my Google Reader and will receive your updates automatically.

  4. Terry, you had a wonderful Saturday! I did too! ;-)