Thursday, October 7, 2010

Love that sun

The weather has been just beautiful here for Oct. Hit 80 yesterday and could to so again today. The sun is shining to nicely. I plan on enjoying the last of the good outdoor weather that is suppose to stay through Sunday. Then, temps. back down in the 60's.

Progress with the feet from the fall. I can even put on shoes now and go out in public. No longer look like a raccoon and except for on arm all other bruises are gone. Have been missing Wet Wednesday with the sisters and will be glad to get back to it next week, though I will stick to soda for a few more weeks. Even though the concussion was slight, I don't plan to take any chances.

Spent most of yesterday cleaning out the corner I have here for the grandkids. Tossed quite a bit of stuff they have outgrown and were not complete pieces anyway. There is a whole big plastic container full of stuffed animals. Time they go through it when they're here and cut down along with the tub of Barbies.

Today I hoped to tackle my computer area and pare down some of the stuff I have here. Then the big job. Hubby's desk. He has this habit of paying a bill and instead of filing it right away just tossing it on the desk. Sooner or later the pile gets to where things are falling all over. And, the fact that the kids computer that usually sits there is gone. My son Jack's died and he took that one. So hubby can clean his space and put his laptop there and my dining room table can be CLEAR. Yeah. The kids won't be totally out, as Darla also had a spare and brought it down. Jared will set it up in their room so they can still play some games. Since it's not connected to the internet he can put it there and not have to worry about what they're doing.

My daughter Darla, her hubby and the neighbors where sitting out having a fire in a contained fire pit last night and someone called the fire dept. The neighbor had built the pit and put in the enclosed container in Darla's back yard as they had the biggest space and so they could both enjoy it. Well the fire dept. gave them the name of an inspector to make sure it was all okay and let them continue. Fire pits are to be 30 feet from any structure but an exception can be made if the inspector deems is safe. Well I've been there and I don't think they have anything to worry about. It's not made to be a large fire.

Well I guess I had better get at it. It won't do it on it's own and I want to get outside. My nose just doesn't twitch right I guess and the cleaning fairy must be on strike.

You all have a great day


  1. I'm so glad to see that your recovery is coming along, being a long process for you, I know. It seems like the cleaning of clutter for me never ends, but I enjoy that project.

  2. Glad to hear things are healing up. I too have felt the need to do more since this warmer weather came back. Just have to find the energy to do them all.;) lol

  3. It is teriffic that you are healing nicely!!
    As for cleaning, remember the 100 year rule.

  4. Like everyone else, glad things are healing for you. I hear ya on husband piling up stuff. It's like they can't stand seeing an empty spot. Gotta love em though! Enjoy the beautiful day.

  5. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron