Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wrap them in BubbleWrap.

Well my son is doing okay.  Hasn't had too much pain.  Nothing Tylenol can't handle.  The pictures on his cell are awful looking though.  Yuck.  They reattached the nerve, remove metal shavings and irrigated the wound. He has feeling and movement in the fingers, so that's good.  He doesn't plan to miss one day of work.  They have stuff he can do and he says he'll even clean toliets with one hand if he has too. 

Now to the next one.  I got a text from my Grandson Austin this morning saying he was on the way to the hospital to have his shoulder checked.  Well they just left here and he dislocated it playing football yesterday.  My dil said she was going to wrap Aaron in bubblewrap to keep him safe, lol.  I think all those guys should be wrapped in it.  Son said the other team was playing a bit nasty.  Took out 4 of his guys with flagrant face masks, leading with their heads etc.  You would think that with all the pros being hurt that way the coach wouldn't be allowing his kids to learn that way, wouldn't you.  Some fathers just don't seem to care.  Until it's their son that gets hurt of course.

Spending the day do laudry and watching the race and football.  Boy that Badger game yesterday was a real nail biter.  Of course, being in the casino in Iowa when it started had us a little outnumbered.  One of the dealers was giving my sister a hard time, kiddingly of course.  We may it home in time to see the 4th quarter and Jodi said she wishes she was sitting at that table now, lol.  We had 3 big winners on the bus, but alas, not me.  Only lost $20 though so I can't complain.  The trip only cost $10 and we got a nice bufftet lunch for that, so not a bad day for $30.  Had a good time and that's the important thing. 

Hope your all having a good day.


  1. Austin showed me the picture of Jacky's hand and OMG! It looks like a bullet went through it. He's lucky it will be ok and not lose any movement in it.
    Austin with his arm in a sling and Jacky's hand wrapped up like a Christmas present. They better stay home.

  2. I am glad your son is doing well. Thank God for that.
    I set a limit when I go to the boat too so I don't feel quite so bad when I lose it all which I always do. lol

  3. OMG just read your blog about your son, scary thing for sure but so glad he will be ok. Congrats on the Packer win last night, that was quite the game and certainly down to the wire, just the way the Pac likes lol.
    Have a great day

  4. Oh your poor son. It is so scary what could have been..and what WAS. God loves him though and so does He loves Austin. It will be OK. ♥♥♥