Friday, March 11, 2011


Off to the tax lady this morning to sign the papers and wait for our refund.  Yes we get a refund from both state and federal.  It won't put us on easy street, but we will be able to eat for a few more months. 

The things we save and for no reason.  Yesterday I cleaned out the drawer in my computer desk and the things I had tossed in there instead of tossing in the trash was strange.  Old batteries, casino cards, old Christmas cards, non'working pens, old keys and key holders, notes of stupid stuff etc.  I still have to tackle the overhead section. Why do we do these things?  What is in the make up of a person that tells us to hold onto junk.  The scary things is I'm the tosser in the family so I'm scared to tackle Jacks desk.  Just thinking about the filing cabinet brings a panic feeling. I know there are things in there so old we don't need anymore.  Old warrenty and product instruction booklets for things we no longer have, just to mention one. 

A little good news here.  Danielle's husband finally got a job.  They are so happy.  Her little special ed. teaching assistant was helpful but not the salary scale they need to survive.  We have to pick Nicole up from school now, as neither is done in time, but we are happy to do so.  Besides, we get to see her more this way.  Could you say, grandma and grandpa are a little happy about this. 

Well guess I had better get off as we will be leaving soon.

An Irish Blessing

Have A Good Day Always
In All Ways.


  1. Congrats on both the taxes and your excavations - I, too, am a saver of ridiculous things. Old batteries because they should be recycled, but I never think to take them to Target or Best Buy (or wherever) when I am actually going there. Christmas cards because, hey, they thought of me. Rubber bands because you can never have too many. The wire ties off bread loaf packages because I might want to tie up a plant (I actually DO use these.) Ridiculous notes because I might remember whose number that is, or why I wrote them, and if it was important enough to write, it must be important enough to keep. There is always a good(-ish) reason...

  2. I've been wading through our taxes right now. I have had some trouble with the IRS PIN and that's been a pain...I think I got it straightened out...now we wait. We've got so much on our minds now...a trip abroad next month and my mother in law is in Japan in the middle of that awful mess...trouble times but I always believe in the light that shines through in these situations. God bless you my friend.

  3. Congrats on getting a refund. One nice thing about Illinois is that the seniors do not have to file a tax return so no money coming back there. I did get a small refund from the federal.
    I am so glad your son in law got a job. HOORAY!!

  4. I'm happy for you get a refund and your son in law got job.
    Why we kept all junks? a lots of keys and I don't which one to keep? in the garage that over the years heaps of junks which I kept why we do that?

    I think that women in nature?
    Enjoy you and your hubby being Grandparents.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS to your son-in-law and the whole family. What an exciting time, long waiting for. Here's hoping he'll enjoy his new job.
    I’ve noticed lately that I seem to save things that most people would simply throw out. I have software that dates back so far, it wouldn’t even install on any computers I currently own. Seriously – some of it is that old! I have cables and cords that won’t fit any plugs. I have clothing that went out of style more than a decade ago. It’s time to face it… I am a pack rat. I so understand you... :)
    Cheers to you grams and gramps, I am happy for you.

  6. Oh Terry I'm with ya on throwing things out. It's amazing how much paper accumulates in the drawers and on the counters. I wish I could wiggle my finger and make it disappear. lol
    Congratulations to your son-in-law on the new job!

  7. I'm finally disposing of junk and I have old manuals of 'gone stuff'.Trying to shred old papers too, big job.