Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm weak, I caved.

The girls got the best of me.  That little one we affectionately call Mickey really put on the pressure.  She even used Sherry's money.  Sherry went to take her camera home, Mickey decided I needed a drink and she took Sherry's money and bought me one.  She can be pretty persuasive.  Her brother's don't call her Sarge for nothing.  Went they said dynamite comes is small packages, they didn't know how right they were when it came to Mickey.  We had such a great time.  Recalling all the fun times we had with Mom and the fun stories of things she did.  She was such a wonderful person and never met someone who didn't become a friend.  She knew so many people and it never seemed to amaze us that whereever we went someone didn't come up to us and ask if we were one of Charlottes daughters.  Here's a look at our evening.

Jodi, Sherry Rhonda and Me

Me, Sherry, Rhonda, Jodi & Danielle

Jack, Mickey Jared, Danielle, Jim & Darla

Mickey with Mom

Sherry's Beer

There was a small casualty.  Jodi tripped and feel and hurt her knee.  She is sore today but she is okay.
We didn't go bar hopping as planned and that was Mickey's fault too.  I said once I drank the beer I was NOT driving them around.  It was okay, because this was the place that Mom went the most when she went out.  She used to manage the place at one time so we knew she would feel right at home there.


  1. The pictures are wonderful. I really enjoyed biggifying them. It sounds like so much fun, a great tribute for your mom's birthday.

  2. Oh golly how could you not toast your Mom right? How wonderful and blessed you are to have such a close family. Your Mom would be proud! Um, did Sherry take the door mat home to wash it? Jist ask'in LOL!!!

  3. The pictures shows everybody is so happy.
    It was nice to have your tribute for your mum.
    Your mum looking down with beautiful smile for you.
    I thinking of my mum.
    Have a great day.

  4. Sounds like a fun night. What kind of beer do you like?

  5. I'd say you all had a terrific time...aside from the knee mishap...sorry about that...glad it was nothing serious. Blessings my friend.

  6. Oh how I would have loved to be there. I keep saying it, but I keep MEANING it!!


  7. A well deserved tribute for your Mom and you must have felt her presence, so much love in that gathering.

  8. I missed out, did my invite get lost in the post?. :-(