Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wet Weather again.

Yesterday was rain and wind,  rain and wind.  I was suprised no trees broke off or went down here.  It did tip my yard swing over again.  I sure am glad I didn't put the new topper on.  Considering the time of the year, I think we will just put it away until Spring (which can hurry if you ask me, lol). 

Cupboards are getting kind of low again and what to fix for dinner was my main problem for the day.  Goulash was decided on as those ingredients were on hand.  Made a large pot and we can have it tonight too.  Making the list of needed items and will head for the store early in the morning. 

Next problem.  Store bought quilts just don't hold up as well as the ones our ancestors made and the one I have is no exception.  The material is actually disintegrating in one spot.  Fraying and pulling apart, and only on the one end.  Usually if it's snapping thread etc, I can fix that, but not this.  Decision?  I will cut about 22 inches off that end, sew it and let the girls use it when they spend the night until it shows more wear.  Then to the trash it will go.

This is one of the senior pictures of my grandson.   

He plans on going to college to be in the Forensic field.  Of all the pictures taken this is his favorite. He had others with baseball themes from his school team, one with his drums and one in a suit.  The suit one is so out of character that hardly anyone cares for it.  They only took it to add to his college transcripts.

Well better get back to that grocery list.  Yuck!  Hate grocery shopping. 


  1. This rain is getting old for sure. We do have sunshine at the moment tho, so there is hope. I'm curious as to what goes in your goulosh. I'm curious if it's anything like I fix with pasta, hamburger, Onions, and either canned tomstos or tomato juice, etc. I grew up in southern WI and have never heard anyone else refer to goulosh!

  2. I don't mind grocery shopping, it is just that I spend a lot even if I only go to the store for a loaf of bread.

    Your grandson is very handsome. Bet the girls all think so too.

    I love goulash. some cornbread with mine please.

  3. What is that good looking boy's name? He is a GOOD looking young man!

    GF, you are having THE worst luck with that swing set. xoxo

  4. So far our weather is still summery. I'm sure that will end soon though.
    So no more swinging till spring eh.

  5. Strangely many have had cooler weather then we have lately. I don't suppose that will last long but for now I'm thankful for it. You sure have it right about quilts. My little girl still uses one that my grandma made for me and it shows no signs of falling apart. Bless you my friend.