Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just lazy lately

I've been slacking.  Yes.  Just laying around doing nothing important.  Not even updating my blog.  I'm a Bad Girl.  Tomorrow I must get my act together and get some things done around here.  I know, tomorrow never comes.  I guess I had better say Monday.  No point in starting today.  Packer Sunday and NOTHING ever gets done on Packer Sunday.

Danielle had a birthday party yesterday for Sherry's daughter.  Deanna is a twin, but though she didn't forget about Dana, the girls have been real close through the years and with Deanna going through the rough times, she needed a pick me up.  Naturally we wished the both a Happy Birthday.  Friends, family, food, campfire and fun.  It turned out real nice.

We did go over early to watch the Badger game.  It wasn't on you say.  Well Jared brought his laptop and turned on the live feed and streamed it through their tv (which they brought outside).  Really was a nice way to watch a game.  Now if it had just been a little warmer out everything would have been perfect.  The campfire helped later though.

Today we're hearing music from the park by us.  They are having the Annual AutoRama car show.  It brings in quite a crowd.  Wonderful autos, craft booths, part sale booths etc.  This year is a little different thought.  We usually wake to 50' & 60"s music and today it's 80"s.  Hope they have a good day, though there it may rain in the afternoon. 

Well off to finish the 'do nothing' weekend.  Hope your day is a good one.


  1. Well I hope you enjoyed your do nothing day,, I've often thought about having one, but we don't have a Packer Sunday here [what's that] could do with one. nor have we got a park near by that gives us music, so unfortunately i have to get off my butt and make my own amusement, so 'do nothing' days are non existent.
    Thanks for your visits to my blogs much appreciated.

  2. I don't mind nothing days once in a while...guilty pleasure like that are a boon to life you know! I'm not a football fan so usually Sunday is the last deep breath before the week kicks off again...not much TV usually...just takin' 'er easy. My dad is very active in the car shows around here and spent all day Saturday involved in one. They just had the Burn the Point thing a while back so that sees all he does these days. Have a good rest of the day my friend and a blessed week.

  3. I have way too many nothing days. Those are the days when I feel sluggish. I feel better when I do something.

  4. Packer Sunday is always a lazy day here. That's okay - we deserve it - right?

  5. I never find nothing day If is rains day (I can't do nothing in the gardening.)
    I have has problem with new pass words, these days that we have too many pass words at the bank as well.

    I don't understand why I need to another pass words? It happening to me this morning in my friends space.
    I hope you have a peaceful day!