Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Camping over :(

Back from the camping trip and though glad to be home I think I could have stayed there a whole month.  If anything to enjoy it without some rain.  Fri. night it stormed something fierce and we woke to a small lake under our picnic table.  Surveying the site we could see it had been even higher as there was a 2" line on the coolers.

By noon it had soaked in.  We had a few little sessions of rain on and off over the weekend but no more of this problem.  There was a drain in the next site but so much debris washed into it that it was plugged.

This campground has over 500 sites and every single one was full.  It's very kid friendly and dog friendly.  I think we saw just about every breed of dog there was.  Sorry Admiral, didn't see any kitties.  I guess cause they don't take well to being on a leash and would probably have some dogs in a frenzy. There are camper sites, tent sites, cabins and even a tepee or mini cabin (looks like an outhouse, lol) that can be rented for kids 12 and under.

There is volleyball, softball, horseshoes (Darla took 2nd in singles and her and her Dad did 2nd in doubles), a catch and release fishing lake, a swimming lake, an indoor pool, game room, restaurant, store, mini-golf, bark park, bmx bike park, canoe and kayak trips, hiking trails and just plain relaxing.

They have the Amish bake sale on Sat. mornings, fresh homemade donuts on Sun., Bunco, Euchre,  rummage sales, and they had a seminar on camper care and maintenace.

Tent site

Just one camper area

Swimming lake

Playground (right by office)

Indoor pool

Fishing lake

One of the cabins

Hope one of the weekends next year we can make it a family campout.  The site we had was just across the little road from the tent sites and all our kids have tents but Darla and Jim.  I know the grandkids would have a ball up there. 

Well that was my weekend.  Have visited a few of you this morning and am headed back to see what all I missed while away.  Oh, there was one downside, the free WiFi was not good.  You had to go to the office/dining area to get a connection.  Hope they improve on that.  Okay, I am off to visit again for real this time.  TATA!


  1. Wow, that looks like a Cadillac campground! That really is family friendly! The cabins we stayed at were far more isolated then this with us going days without seeing other people unless we drove to other sites. We only had one that actually had electricity and never any internet. I like the solitude so I don't mind such things. Sounds like you had a great time though, thanks for sharing it!

  2. What a fun place! More fun than the supermarket I was in on the holiday.
    What is or are Bunco and Euchre? Is that a comedy team or a buddy movie?

  3. Sounds like a great time to me who was here alone all day doing nothing. ;-) The pictures are wonderful!

  4. Just me and Kassey here, but glad yall had a fun get away. Maybe you'll have internet next time.

  5. I was going to say, " I don't like camping holidays" till I read on and thought, wow, this is not ordinary camping holiday, this is the real deal, the de luxe Rolls Royce of camping sites, one that even I wouldn't mind going to. You must go back next year and tell of more adventures.
    Thanks for your visits to both my sites, lovely to have you, and I'm glad I make you smile

  6. Now that is one heck of a place! I would have (you knew I was going to say it!) had a wonderful time and wish I had been there. Admiral said she would not enjoy a leash or the rain. :-)))