Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Football Time.....

and you would think it's the Super Bowl being played early the way the media is covering it.  It's beginning to resemble NASCAR with the first race being the most important.  Now don't get me wrong.  I love my Packers, but let's get real here.  There's a whole season ahead and thought this is an important game, they all are.  It's where you are at the end of the season that is important.

Note to Boston Boy.  In my last post I mentioned Bunco and Euchre and you wonder what they were.  Bunco is dice game and Euchre is a card game.  It seems like they (especially Euchre) is little know outside of WI.   I know a friend who moved to Idaho can't find anyone who knows how to play the game, though rules of both are easy to find online.

One more picture from the campout.
The horseshoe champions.

Having a big doings in the park just behind us this weekend.  Rides for the kids, horseshoes, softball, food, music, a toy sale from the local toy manufacturer Patch Press,  etc.  They give a nice discount sale at it each year letting you get a jump start on Christmas presents.  It's the townships annual Festival on the Rock.  It's a 3 day affair this year.  The festival has been a little lacking for a few years, but with the shake up in the township administration there is new enthusiasm and the volunteers who left are coming back to work it.  A little back story.  There was a problem with the police chief who has been sued on racism and harrasment charges and an administrator with an attitude of "I have the job, you can't fire me and I won't quit", with a few board members who felt we'll just hold out and hope it goes away.  Needless to say, those people are no longer in charge as the people had enough, put the pressure on and forced them out.  Things are already starting to improve.  There still is a downside as there is still the cost of all the lawsuits the township lost under these people that have to be paid, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Well dishes are yelling out there so I'd better get moving.

Have a great day.



  1. You have one of my bloggie and Twitter friends coming to see you. Mariodacat. She is a WI person too..and you KNOW I loves WI folkses. I told her about you and Sherry. Heheheh.

  2. The horseshoe champs look very happy!!

    Jim and the guys he worked with at the air base played euchre on there lunch breaks.

  3. Actually eucher is played mostly in the midwest and Canada. When I use to play on Yahoo it was always states in the middle of the country and Canada people playing!