Thursday, January 19, 2012

One of those nights.

You know the ones.  Where your mind won't shut down.  You get to sleep and have one to get up once (or more) during the night and can't get back to sleep.  Well that was a 2 in the morning and boy I hate when it happens.  All sorts of stupid stuff running around up there keeping you awake.  Silly stuff like how a show should have ended, why didn't this one make it on some show, how you could have done this or that with a project of some kind.  What you think you would say to a certain person if you had the chance.  What you heard someone say and how you should have reacted but the answer didn't come until right now.  Something you would like to blog about but totally forget after you do finally fall asleep a half hour before it's time to get up.  That was my night Wed. night.  Took me two naps and a good nights sleep last night to get the fuzzy out.  Why is it things like that (most totally unimportant) come up like that. 

Still don't get it.  You know the problem with leaving comments.  Have only had this trouble with Nancy and Carole's sites.  Sherry thinks a new browser might help, but then why isn't it doing it on others.  Just doesn't make sense to me.  I have no trouble on their second sites, just their home ones. 

Tonight is pizza night.  That's what the guys have on 'granny's night'.  Well I don't think I'm going out in this cold weather, so I'll just snitch one piece for me.  More snow and cold headed our way so I guess it's time to hibernate.  Better check the supplies and make sure we're covered.  I'm pretty sure we are, but better safe than sorry. 

You all have a good day.  Keep warm.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really enjoy Beth's blog and am glad she found mine and we have become blogging friends.
    I have some nights just like you described, but I usually just get up and see what's on tv late. Once I start watching a really good movie, I guess I relax and find myself being awakened by my hubby and told to come get in bed. lol Nothing like being bored to sleep by tv. The trick is just to take your mind off your worries and slow that thinking down. Nice to find another blog to follow!!! I hope you won't mind me adding you to my list of blogging friends!

  2. Great Granny just told me she was unable to post on your blog. I have no idea what is up.

    I have nights like that too, just laying awake in the middle of the night thinking about all kinds of things.

    Snowing and dropping temps here today so I guess I am stuck inside.

  3. Girl, you can HAVE the snow! I have a warm 9 pound kitty cat to keep me warm if we have any though.

    I wish I knew why there was a hard time leaving comments. No one else does I don't think...emphasis on I don't think anyone else does.


  4. I too am having trouble leaving comments. A couple were easy but the rest have been difficult. I hope Blogger isn't making "improvements" like Spaces did. They improved it out of existance. I have have all kinds of ideas on blogs when I'm away from the computer. Why don't I write things down?

  5. I just read a post saying that there's a new ability to comment about people's comments on sites and if that's enabled it can cause trouble for people using IE...I use Firefox and have had no trouble thus far. Our pizza night was a few days ago as the winter storm was blasting us...today we dig and snow blow our way out...fun, fun, fun.

  6. YEs yes,I hear ya happens to me too only mine is about 3 or 4AM and then have to get up and get going at 7 or 8 grrr dragging myself the rest of the day.. Grrr hate it..
    WHAT's the font you are using here I love it??!!

  7. Sometimes things mess up on a browser. For instance... I kept getting froze on IE and it wouldn't respond so I quit using it but chrome works fine. I think script errors cause things like that and unless you fix that it will keep up. I have no idea how to fix those either.

    I hate nights like that but I do what Leave it to Dave said, turn on the tv and clear your mind.