Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well it's over...

The lovely weather that is.  Yesterday Darla was sitting on her deck with the dogs and a drink, and today the snow is coming down.  It was so nice while it lasted. Now I suppose we have to let the snow people have their fun too.  It will be tough, but I'll be happy for them. 

Tonight is suppose to be 'granny's night' but I'm not feeling it.  Not anxious to go out in the snow, and since it's still has a few hours before it ends, I'll just stay in.  Have snacks, food, books and plenty else to keep busy with.  Even nothing if I don't want to.  Hubby is even reading.  Read 3 James Patterson books then went to the garage where there is a box full and brought in 4 Louie Lamour books.  With the ability to keep in touch with the world with these marvelous machines, I guess we're all set.

Granny's night is usually pizza for supper and that will continue anyway.  Not in the cooking mood either.  Must be the weather, lol.  

Well the dryer just stopped so had better get to the clothes before I have to iron them.  I'm sure you'll have an idea what I think of that (there is a story there for later).  Only use that thing when sewing unless it's a dressy piece of clothing.  Since we don't go to places needing them much, it's rare to have to iron.   

Have a nice evening.  Keep warm where it's cold and cool where it's warm.   


  1. The snow is blowing and drifting here too and I am hunkered down waiting for it all to be over. What happened to our no snow winter. POOH! I knew it was too good to last.

  2. I hope you didn't get a big snow. We got blowing snow but only stuck on walk sides...cold though.