Monday, January 30, 2012

I miss them.

Now they're nothing big or special.  Just things that went the way for bygone days.  You know, cut backs, save money and the internet world.  What are they you say.  Catalogs.  You know those wonderful Sears, Penneys, etc. books that came in the spring, summer fall and winter.  Not to mention the awesome 'Christmas' catalog.  How the kids (me too) would sit quietly for hours checking them out.  Then the inevitable, "Mom, look at this.  I want that. This is so cool".   We would cut out pictures of things and put them into what was called 'scrapbooks' back then.  Saving silly things from these along with the good stuff we put in them.  May those were dreams of what could be added to what we already had. 
Yes, we can go online and go through products at these places.  But there is something to be said for just sitting in a big old stuffed chair and slowly going from page to page. 

Progress and technology are a good thing. It makes our life easier they say, saves time etc.  Sometimes I wonder.  It seems that people are busier than ever with never enough time. 

What thing of the past do you miss?


  1. I always loved the Sears and Penny's Christmas catalogs.

    One thing I miss the most from the past is the feeling of being safe. Now you are not really safe anywhere.

  2. I well remember going through catalogs back in the day. I think I am with Beth and feeling more secure about everything. It just seems the sense that everything was going to be not just alright but really wonderful was something that didn't seem like a fantasy back in the day...now it seems a lot less secure.