Wednesday, February 15, 2012


 We seem to be obsessed with reaping awards and honors as a nation. Oh, other nations do it too. The obsession is definitely a world wide problem. You have people beating people after a game if their team doesn’t win. Riots after soccer games. Everyone after that coveted trophy and the big bucks that come with them. There are:
Sports awards;
Super Bowl
World Series
Grey Cup
BCS Championship
Rose Bowl
I could go on an on with these, but people tend to take much to much stock in something that is just a game. Something that, no matter the outcome, their life will remain the same.
Then you have the Entertainment side.
The Oscar
The Emmy
 Obie Theatre Award
Grammy etc.
Yes they are great talents and deserve some recognition too, but the money they make more that gives them that.
There’s educational, scientific, artistic prizes also. The Nobel comes to mind.
One of the most important honors should be those given to our servicemen and women, who more than any others, deserved to be recognized the most. Their sacrifices are the most honorable of all those above. I take great pride in thanking them for all they do. Also to their families for all they must deal with.

But, and that’s a big But, as a wife, mother, grandmother, there is no better reward for me than that of a child as they wrap their arms around you and say,


  1. Wonderful post! I agree with you.

  2. I agree totally. A parent or grandparent who has their child's love is blessed beyond money and fame.

  3. We are a celeb obsessed society. Look at all the "Hollywood" type shows that are on. Look at the magazines and weekly tabloids at the supermarket check out stand.
    Sports are the same. Nobody wants to be a loser or affiliated with one. Then there is all the betting. As a culture we sometimes leave a lot to be desired.
    I wish I had written this. Nice post.

  4. It's quite true that many fantastic things out there have no reward that can be seen in cup or ribbon but for sure we would be lost without them!