Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Jared!

First I want to wish my son Jared a Happy Birthday.  He started life suceptible to high fevers, vision problems and hearing problems.  Eventually the vision cost him one eye but he has outgrown the others.  He's grown into a good man and wonderful father.


Yesterday was a rough start getting online.  First the norton scan was doing it's weekly job and it took forever. Then the diagnostics kicked in right afterward.  Had to break down and use the laptop, hee hee.  Isn't that just too bad.  Nice to have a backup.  You should have seen me.  I was sitting here at the desktop with a tv tray to the right, with the laptop on and keeping an eye on to see when all that stuff was finally finished.  Took 2 hours.  Would you call that addicted?

Was so nice yesterday I took a walk around the block.  Things are melting nicely.  Jodi sent us a message not to be partying on her deck.  What's up with that!  Guess she was afraid we would send her pictures again while she was at work, lol.  Well had it been ever nicer, we might have. 

Have a few errands to run today.  My cover for my Kindle didn't come with the light connection so want to go and see if I can get one.  There is a place for it so it shouldn't be any trouble.  Hubby has his indoor golf league so I think I'll do it then. 

Have a great day.  Hope the weather where you are is real nice today.


  1. It is sunny and 39 right now and the sun is shining.
    Happy Birthday to Jared, I hope it is one of the best days of his life!

  2. Computers are great on one hand, and a pain on the other. I finally got rid of Norton, it takes up a LOT of room on the computer. I use the free Avast program which I really like. It does a great job. Happy Birthday to Jared. It was 44 here yesterday and sunny (MI). Warm and overcast today. Have a great one. Terry

  3. Can |I add happy Birthday Jared, too.
    I'm the opposite to you, my desktop takes forever to fire up, so much so that I've about given up on it and use the laptop 90% of the time, like your previous commentor I too use the free version of Avast and find it suitable and does a good job [fingers crossed]
    I like your new look I want to change mine again but can't seem to get something I'm happy with.

  4. Happy Birthday to your son!
    I plan to move away from desk tops completely.
    For my purposes, a laptop does everything a desk top does. Plus it's so much more compact.
    Good winter here so far.

  5. well girl...hope things are still going well..as it sounds as though they are. Guess what I did? I actually made four total cards so far! Beth was kind and sent me how-to books some time ago and I am gathering (have gathered) some materials to make my first g=cards. I sent them out already such as they were. I'll gain speed as time passes. xoxox

  6. I have been an AVG fan for my anti-virus scans and haven't looked back...virus free and it doesn't hog resources so much when it's running that I can't do anything...however when enough things are going on at once it's enough to slow down any computer. This has got to be the mildest winter I can remember maybe ever here. Now we gripe when it's in the thirties...thinking of last year I have to roll my eyes at my response to "cold" this year. Have a great day my friend!