Friday, March 30, 2012

Hubby's home!

He hasn't even turned on the tv yet.  LOL   Had a good week with the kids.  Temps weren't the greatest but not bad either, he said.  Now there is his laundry to do.  Should I be nice and do it for him or let him do his own.  Hmmmm!  Think I might be nice.  The 'me time' was real nice, but it's really good to have him home.

Granddaughter Nicole is off to Washington D. C. with the 8th grade class from her school.  The school alternates between there and New York City.  She will be gone for 3 or 4 days and her mother (Danielle) will be a wreck while she's gone.  I know I was worried until each of mine were home from that trip. 

 Carson was just given the United States Achievement Recognition as a National Honor student.  Carson will be in a special year book for this Achievement. This will also open up Grants for her and also Dr. George A. Stevens Founders Award. 

Aaron is in Academic Excellance in his school,  Austin A's too.   Alyssa just started ROTC in school. She is going to be apart of Team Drill. The teacher told her that she was a natural :) If Alyssa can make it to every meeting the Team Drill will be able to go to Chicago and com peat with other schools!

All the grandkids seem to be doing so good this grandma is bursting at the seams.  So proud of them. 

 .  Weather can't decide if it want to be warm enough for us to go out and play, or cool enough to keep us inside.  Hopefully it will level out soon at 70+ ;-). 

Guess that about covers what's been going on here.  You all have a great weekend.


  1. I bet you are happy to have hubby home. Take him out for a special dinner and make him wonder what yer up to. ;-)
    That is wonderful your grankids are doing so well. It's in the genes you know.

  2. I know you are happy to have your husband home!

    You have every reason to be proud grandma! Congrats to them all!

  3. You must be very proud of those Grand kids! Now things will get back to normal at your house. Mine will be gone all day today and I will enjoy the peace and quiet.

  4. I'm glad your grand kids are doing so well my friend, that does make a person feel great don't you think? I have no grand kids...just kids and I know nothing makes me feel more proud then they do!