Friday, July 29, 2011

Bye Honey!

R.I.P. Honey!

Sadly Nicole's dog had to be put down yesterday.  Honey was such a sweet dog.  Friendly and loving, but could be fiercly protective of Nicole.  She was old and was losing her ability to control herself.  The landlord in their place doesn't care for dogs but would have allowed it if she wasn't a barker. Well she wasn't, but with her problem she would have ruined their carpet.  As they were going to put her down anyway they decided now was the time.  Danielle said Nicole sobbed so hard it broke her heart.   My poor baby.  Swamped her with hugs. 

We have guests.  Danielle's friend Spring and her daughters have arrived and sleeping nicely in the camper.  Construction and detours caused them to be about 4 hours late getting here. Spring makes a yearly trip back here to see her pals. 

Busy weekend ahead.  Birthday party for great-grandson Logan and a reunion party for Spring.  Danielle sent an invite to all the kids they used to pal with to come and see here so Spring wouldn't have to do anymore running than necessary.  She has family here to visit and then sight-seeing with the girls.  The girls aren't too thrilled with our humidity, lol.  They're from Idaho and they don't have that problem out there.

Well guess I should go find something to eat.  You all have a good day.  


  1. Honey was a beautiful dog. It is always so sad when the final farewell comes.

    Have fun with your company. Tell them that after awhile we get used to the humidity. NOT!!

  2. How sad. Pets become such a vital member of the family.
    The humidity is gone around here for now. It's comfortable but overcast. I don't care. I'm not going anywhere today.

  3. Final farewells like that have left there scars on us too. We have been without pets for some years and I guess it's sort of a blessing/curse in many ways. In one regard we don't have to deal with the inevitable loss yet life without pets is a hard thing too. We are virtually humidity free so that's nice...I hope you enjoy your day heat or humidity or not.

  4. Oh I cry just hearing about any animal being put down. It is so sad. Have a fun weekend. Your hood sounds busy.

  5. I know that awful feeling, as we all do, losing a precious furbaby family member. Love and warm hugs for Nicole.


  6. Hi Terry, That was a sad start to your post, I have said good bye to many pets, and it never gets any easier.
    You have got a busy time right now, bet you enjoy it though.
    Thanks for visiting 4paws and your appreciation of my joke blog. glad someone visits.LOL
    Hope you get some relief from the humid weather, it must be draining.
    Bye 4 now

  7. So sad, but it's the worst decision us pet owners have to make. Got me all choked up reading about it.