Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome Home

The babies are doing so well they came home.  Now the fun begins for them.  Keeping up with 4 kids 6 and under will surely keep them hopping.  Already they called for Grandma Help, lol. 

Haven't been doing much of anything around here.  Went to the farmers market yesterday and it was packed.  Walking around was mightly slow going I tell ya.  Then went to Darla's for a cookout in the late afternoon.  Actually it was next door and it was so hot we ate in the house.  There is no shade around their places.

Friday we picked up the camper from getting the frig checked out and they couldn't find anything wrong.  I think maybe we just didn't have it level enough here.  Parked it, made sure of level and plugged it in and all is working perfectly.  DUH!   The new power jack works great and much easier on the 'old boy' than cranking.  He loves it.  Well all the checking, new crank, new battery, A\C cover all came to the tune of $467.  Carson was with us and saw a purple motorhome as we pulled into the lot.  She wants us to trade for it.  I told her that kind of money was way out of our league unless we win the lottery.  She said she had a dollar she could give to help, lol.  What a silly.

Anyone going to watch the Womens Soccer game?  Haven't been one to get into soccer but just may have to watch this game.  Kind of like when the men won the hockey championship at the Olympics.  Just have to see.  

Well she's free and whereabouts unknown at this time.  Free,  how free can such a person really be?  People will be looking and hounding her for maybe ever.   I do believe she got away with it but I don't believe in the threats etc. she is getting.  Don't get me wrong, she deserves the put downs etc., but to put yourselves in the same killing mode only lowers you to her level.  Unfortunately she's been judged and set free.  The next judgement is up to God. 

Hoping to go see the final Harry Potter film tonight.  Yeah, I know, at my age I'm into this?  Yes I am.  Have read all the books numerous times.   In reading them I wasn't ever quite sure they were just for kids as dark as they were.  Well, 'to each his own'. 

Have a good day and God Bless!


  1. Congrats to parents and family on getting to bring those lovely babies home. It will be a challenge but I know grandma will be happy to help.
    I agree, this woman got away with murder, but there is nothing that we can do about it. Time for the media and people to let it go. Her judgement day is coming.

  2. Having had three of my own kids I know some of the challenges with that but having a couple at once? That's a challenge I'm sure but what a joy to hear they came home safe and sound! I heard about Casey Anthony's release...I wouldn't be her for all the money in the world.

  3. Glad those sweethearts are home where Grandma can keep watch.
    I have no sympathy for Casey. God will get'er.

  4. Oh cool the babies are home! Oh you are a wonderful Granma to help out. It was and is hot here, whew! Purple camper? Oh my, that $1 is so cute.
    Level, gee who knew? Glad your hubby has a power jack. Have a nice day!

  5. She'll get hers one way or another.
    Campers must be fun. I want one.
    Oops can't. Just bought a car.