Friday, December 30, 2011


Doctor visit was a really good one.  Now you know I see 2.  My general one every six months, and the one they sent me to because of the stoke of my optic nerve.  Well I told you of my 10 lb. loss from the time I saw the one 6 mos. ago.  I had forgot I had been down 5 then.  Well yesterday the screen had the weight from the second dr. and are you ready.  Totally I'm down 15 lbs. for the whole year.  I'm so happy and yes, I plan to keep on working for more.  I have been pleasantly surprised by both drs. as they both told me to enjoy the holidays and not worry about the weight too much.  I would so like to be down another 15 next year.

So guess what I got for my birthday ?  Two boxes of Chocolate Covered Cherries.  LOL   Yes, good news from the drs. and help with the 'enjoy the holidays' advice.  Fortunately I'll get help with those.   Jack and Carson will surely help. 

No snow here yet but have had icy roads the last two mornings.  Snow predicted but not too much here at the bottom of the state.  Maybe an inch they say.  That's enough for me.  Hopefully it gets better as the day goes on.  I would like to take the things left here from Christmas to those who left it. Just don't want to travel icy roads. 

Day before yesterday hubby took the sub for an oil change.  Well that was the most expensive oil change in history I think.  They found the water pump leaking and all totally it was $585.  Hubby said this may be a sign we may have to trade it in.  When all warranties are gone and it starts to need things it gets tough.  It's just that it has been so nice without a car payment for over a year you hate to do it.  Oh well, that's the joys of owning things I guess.
Well you all have a nice day.  Keep safe and God Bless!


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss. That's quite an accomplishment. You can be proud of yourself.

  2. Big congratulations on the weight loss!!!!

    I would say that you would be safe eating one or two of the chocolate covered cherries.

  3. Good for you on the weight loss! Gotta love the irony of that birthday gift though! I know what you mean about the car situation. Seems like clockwork that when you're not covered anymore those things start to creep up. Have a great day...only a tiny bit of this year left after all!

  4. 15 lbs weight loss, that is seriously good, Terry, now don't be tempted into demolishing that birthday gift all in one go, do as Beth said and just one or two at a time. I sat last night and ate a whole box of chocs, and boy did I suffer, I couldn't sleep and had a thumping headache that lasted till well into this afternoon, you have been warned.
    Thanks for dropping by and enjoying the jokes, and for comments on dog beds. XX

  5. Just keep doing what your what your doing and you won't gain it back. I dropped 30 pounds several years ago and the fear of gaining it back keeps me on the straight and narrow. You can do it!
    At first I thought you owned a submarine. You would have been the first person that I know with there own sub.
    Take the the blog down 200 ft.!