Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Not Fair!

No one should have to have doctor's appointment on their birthday.  It's just not right.  I'll definitely remember to be sure never to okay that again.  At least it's the last one for this year.  Hope I didn't gain to much over Christmas.  Having that 10 lb. loss when at the Dr. last week was so nice I tried to be good to make sure it stayed that way for this one.  This is the Dr. who wanted that much gone, so keep your fingers crossed.

What's the plans you have for New Years Eve?  My kids plan on staying home this year (at least as far as I know now).  We're going to the Moose of course, for the dinner they have every year.  Don't plan on staying long after.  They are having entertainment so will see.  Still are going to be home early before all the crazies start leaving the bars. 

With each New Year comes hope.
This year make every day count
by taking one step each day
on a  journey of kindness
Love and compassion
towards your fellow man.
Look back at the close of day
and know you made a difference.


  1. Hope your weight was LOST and none gained. So hard to do over holidays when everything looks so good.Yum!Staying in as it is supposed to be really cold here in the evening. The have a local ball drop thingy but it is televised on the local channel so I can watch in the warmth of my blankie!LOL Happy New year if I don't get back to ya soon.. : )

  2. Happy Birthday Terry, if I'm not too late, and you're right no one should be visiting doctors on that special day, so let's hope he gives you good news of one sort or another. Losing 10lb! wow that's no mean feat, I've got a job trying to lose and never find again 2 ! so let's hope you won't be disappointed and maybe only have gained a couple.
    Thanks for visiting me and cheering me up by making me feel better over my lack of visits.
    I'm doing nothing for New Year's Eve, since coming to England from Scotland it just doesn't seem the same, but I'll try and make a resolution as you suggest and be a better person.

  3. Happy birthday Terry. I hope you lost 11 lbs instead of 10.

    For New Year's Eve I am doing nothing. ;-)

  4. Hopefully got a good report and the scale was good to you. We usually go to an afternoon movie, out for a quick sandwich and home right after. Our city will be extra busy because of New Year's Eve and the Pack Game the bext day. For sure we need to be home before the drunks hit the streets.

  5. I'm not going anywhere New Years Eve except home. Say hi to the moose for me.

  6. I plan to stay home with Kassey, probably to bed early as usual. And the scanner will no doubt be interesting.
    I hope you don't gain any either, so hard to be good during the holidays. Happy Birthday, if I miss it.

  7. Happy Birthday!
    I hope your app goes well.
    Yes, say hi to the Moose ;-)

  8. No it isn't right to have to do that on your birthday however it's one less that you have to think about and that is a present in itself! Happy, happy birthday!