Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thirsty Thursday again. lol

Yeah it's Thursday and that means Granny's night.  I think anyway, as I haven't heard from the other granny's.  It's a really beautiful day here too.  I'm thinking the picnic table or Jodi's deck.  

Well we're stuck with Walker again.  I sure hope he means what he said about working together and healing the state.  But he's said things before and didn't mean them at all.  The thing is, it wasn't necessary to turn people against each other in the first place.  Guess we'll wait and see.  Had it been up to the county I live in he'd be out the door.

Been busy doing bedding and stuff around here.  Got all the ones in the camper all done and put away.  Cleaned the refrig. & freezer both in there and the house.  You would think something you don't use much (like the camper one) wouldn't get that dirty wouldn't you.  Well it was dirty to me anyway. Had to go get some plastic parts for the drawers in the camper again.  They sure don't hold up well.  I guess that plastic getting really cold in the winter doesn't do them much good.

Cleaning in the back room, ( it houses the freezer, washer, dryer, furnance etc.) were things tend to end up and found a bag loaded with ice cube trays.  Have them soaking in bleach water right now. Have no idea how they ended up there.  But hey, it's summer and ice cubes are needed. 

Even got in a couple hours to finish a book.  Now to dig in one of the 3 bags full for another.  Want to get these out of the way to enjoy my Kindle more.  I have over 100 books on that and Danielle has some she wants to send me.  Scary, because she has BOOOOOOOKs.  Loads of them. 

Well back to the "fun" stuff, lol.

You all have a great day.


  1. The election was a total disappointment wasn't it. A friend of ours is a school psychologist in a school system. He could make so much more money in private practice - hasn't had a raise in 5 years but has to pay for continuing education every summer. He does not get reimbursed for that. Really makes one angry.,

  2. True, the lies and smoke screen really deceived people. They don't take into consideration all those in a school system have to continue to do all year and what they (raises) gave up to make sure they had money in retirement. It's really sad. I worked in one 35 years and my big pension check is after taxes is $478. Really was sticking it to the taxpayer wasn't I.

  3. I was waiting to see how the election turned out. I would have voted for his recall simply after hearing the words "Tea Party.'

  4. It seems I'm on the other end of the political spectrum than all here but I will none the less believe for the best. The important thing is to remember that beyond it all we are Americans...I trust that will be the force that turns this country around before it's all over. It remains cooler here but I see it goes up then down again in forecast...ugh...I wish it would make up its mind! Have a good day my friend.

  5. I saw the election recall on the news. I'm to the point that I am put off by either party. It's just a battle of special interest groups.
    It will take me a while before I get a kindle. At this point I have a backlog of books to go through.
    Thanks for your visit and kind words.