Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where could it be?

I have spent the last few days trying to find some material I had around here.  When moving everything for the painting and flooring in the dining room I can't find where I put it.  It has cupcakes on it and I wanted to make an apron and potholder for Sherry's granddaugs birthday next week.  She loves cupcakes and making then.  Plans on having here own cupcake bakery when she grows up.  Needless to say, I'm not have much luck in finding it.  Good thing I didn't mention it to Carson (was going to let her give it to Bri.).  I sure hope I didn't use it and forgot that I did.  That 'old timers' thing you know.  Have one more place to try, wish me luck.

The weekend just flew by.  Graduation went beautifully Friday night.  Even thought the temps were high, there was such a nice breeze it was very comfortable sitting out there.  There were 7, yes 7, valedictorians.  Consequently there were quite a few speeches but it didn't seem long and drawn out at all.  Aaron looked so good in his cap and gown. 

A couple of my kids (Danielle & Jared) along with a cousin (Trent) and grandkids (Aaron, Austin, Nicole & Allie)  play on a volleball league.   Good thing they are doing if for the fun, if they were serious it would not be good.  They come off the court laughing. Went to watch Sunday night.  I told them I was watching for the weak link, but I couldn't find just one.   LOL

Well I guess I better get back to hunting.  You know when I give up, and it's too late, I'll find it. 

Have a good day.


  1. I hope you find the material. I think it would make a beautiful gift.

    Aaron looks very handsome in his cap and gown. Congratulations to him.

  2. Hi Terry, I do hope you've found your material by now, isn't it just maddening when you know something's around but you just can't find it.
    What an impressive figure Aaron makes, keep well.

  3. Have you ever seen that cupcake show on the food network? We like to watch Chopped and Sweet Genius but I never saw the cupcake show they have. It is amazing how quickly time flies. My eldest graduates next year...I'm still reeling from the thought of it.

  4. Very handsome young man. Don't you just love graduations. Hope you found your fabric - sounds like an interesting piece.