Friday, June 8, 2012

Graduation Day!

I can hardly believe it.
It seems like just yesterday he was this little.

Now look at him.

Aaron will graduate tonight and it sure seems time has just flown by.  He is one great kid.  Not only smart but such a mellow kid.  He doesn't let little things bother him.  The little kids just love him and he is so good with them.  He's so respectful and helpful.  He has a great fun side and he and friends make these silly videos that have us all laughing.   He will be going on to college study to forensics science.  I can't say enough on how proud of him we all are, or how proud we are of the way my son and wife have raised their boys. 

Will have to go early my son said.  Even though the ceremony starts at 7, there are no 'seat saving' so he said to come early so we can try to sit together.   I guess we plan to be there at least an hour or so early.  It will be outside thanks to the weather.  Was so hoping it wouldn't rain as only 6 tickets were allowed for inside.  Someone would have had to miss this important day. 

Well have to get going.  Having to get graduation cards (he's not the only relative graduating) and a few other things.  

You all have a good day.   


  1. Congratulations to Aaron. I wish him the very best that life has to offer!

  2. Congratulations, I can tell you are quite proud of him! Enjoy the ceremony.

  3. I join the others in congratulations to Aaron. He will do well in life.

  4. Time certainly does fly! I hope you guys get a great seat! My daughter graduates next year...I still can't believe how many times thinking: "Wasn't it just yesterday?"