Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gloom Day.

Looks like another rain coming in.  I know rain is a needed thing, but I sure wish it would go help out those in Texas like JoAnne.  They need it so bad.  The thunder and downpoar just caught the girls outside.  LOL   Needless to say they didn't melt. It's really coming down out there.

Got the report from Jack's visit to the doctor and all tests are normal.  I think the weight loss is just due to the way he eats and he has been more active lately.  Quit sitting around so much in front of the tv.  The coulgh has eased up and I think that was just something he was going through.  It all makes me feel much better.  Now I hope he doesn't come down with something else.  He and Jared are out helping in a search for a missing man here.  He has been missing a few days and that is not the type of man who would do this.  Though I hope they find him, I hope they stopped before the downpour hit and are on they're way home.

One of the neighbors is having a pig roast in his yard for his birthday today and now the rain.  Was suppose to go over, but not going now.  Yup, it's just a gloomy day today.
Hope yours is better.


  1. We had a severe thunderstorm this afternoon with quarter size hail. I haven't been out to inspect my car yet.

    I am glad Jack's tests were all normal. What a relief for you both!

  2. I'm glad about the good health report for Jack! We are way above normal for rain so we're not lacking in that department and I feel the cooling of Fall underneath the heat of the day now...I don't like that one bit.

  3. thank goodness for his health report! I was a pinch concerned I can tell you now. WHEW!!!

    As for the pig...what a shame. Poor guy who wanted that for a spectacular meal.

  4. We have sure had rain here and hail in the night last night. Wiped out a few crops here and there. Still hail on the ground this morning in places.
    People in Texas still remain in my prayers.

  5. I agree that Texas needs the rain and I shouldn't complain, coz we get a little every now and then.
    Sure glad Jack's report is good. A hot toddy might help the cough.