Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello Monday!

Here's hoping yours is a really good one.  A nice sunny one here.  Tool bar say 81, weather bug says 79 so I'll split the difference and say 80. 

Went to Shopko and picked up a folding table to put in the camper storage area.  We sit it outside for the stereo, toaster, etc.  Jack doesn't like the one we have, it doesn't fold but it's really light.  Oh well, whatever makes him happy.  Going out over Labor Day and can hardly wait. 

Been reading a book called Fire and Ice by Julie Garwood.  It's not bad but not one that grips you so you can't put it down.  It's a mystery a crime reporter (whose father is a crook) stumbles on. 

Still no sign of the man who has gone missing in town.  Been 5 days.  Being gone that long without any clue doesn't look good.  I feel bad for his family.  Hope something pops soon.

Having computer trouble here.  Java script has crashed, though internet works I also get "Windows explorer has stopped working".   My photoshop program will not open along with the HP games that came preloaded with it.  But everythink else seems to work fine.   Being NOT A COMPUTER GENIUS, I guess I am going to have to take it to someone who is. 

Well that about sums up my Monday.  Rather quiet here lately.  You all have a good day.


  1. I like Julie Garwood but I really am liking the John Sandford books I have been reading. That guy is awesome if you like a gook old murder mystery and don't mind a bit of shenanigans thrown in. I wanted to say something a little different but I am being good today.

    I hope you get your computer settled down. i hate it when they get contrary. Could you remove photoshop and download it again. In the Program install/uninstall many of the things that are loaded have a repair function. You could check that out to see.

  2. Nice here too. Hope they find tha missing man. Five days is so long.
    Camping sounds fun. You should go to windows and have it checked out. Or re-install or reset your computer to before this all happened.

  3. It's a big 57 degrees right now and I have to say that it is too cool for me. This feels like an early fall on the horizon and I don't like it one bit...why? Fall means winter and winter meant a lot of bitter cold last year. I've been reading a book called: "The Overton Window". It's an interesting book and I like thrillers. I often find that if I update my computer such issues are resolved by the update but that's about all the advice I can offer in this regard.

  4. thank heavens for my kids when it comes to computer suff. with two of them programmers..I am a lucky mom. xoxox

  5. I hope you get your computer sorted soon I had a few of those gremlins a while back, but got it sorted through a family member,
    It sounds pretty warm where you are, I wish we had a few of these degrees, it's too cold here.
    I'm not a fan of crime books. biographies are favourites.
    Thanks for visiting my blog to-day and though I'm not 'into' bugs, I find them fascinating.
    Nice to see you enjoy the jokes. thanks for that too.

  6. We've had such nice weather lately, can't complain. Been losing internet, don't know why, but is aggravating. Sorry about the missing man.