Friday, August 5, 2011


That jury got it right.  Warren Jeffs is guilty as can be.  It just makes me sick how anyone can even think this behavior is justifiable under any circumstances.  To use "religion" as justification for his sick pedophile acts just makes my stomach turn.  I believe all cults or sects, whatever you call them, are just cover for these dirty deeds.  That people fall for them, believe the lies they are told, blows my mind.  The gullibilty of people is astounding.  He deserves to rot in prison and I hope he enjoys his position as the new 'girl' in there. 

Should she or shouldn't she?  Casey Anthony return to Florida.  I'm torn on this one.  I do believe she was guilty and beat the system on the murder charge.  But I am confused as to how, if she was given the time in jail as probabtion served, and given the papers clearing her,  they can make her come back.  Is it just to see how she had changed her appearance so she can never hide?  She will just do it again after being cleared again.  What's the real reasoning behind all this, which is just costing the taxpayers more money.

Okay, enough ranting about things I can't control anyway.  Just makes a person feel good to 'let r rip'.

Danielle and family are all moved in and Nicole is loving it.  She can ride her bike here without worrying about the neighborhood.  Is in her own school district, so no more 'open enrollment' worries.  Can ride the bus to and from school.  And best of all---Grandma and Granpa are right next door.   They had one hitch in the move.  Their dryer is gas and the hook-up is electric.  As luck would have it, a friend has a electric dryer she doesn't use and gave it to them.   Now if she could just draw unemployment while off from school in the summer, but that's not allowed or you will not be employed next year.   Walker and his cronies don't take that into account when they attack the education system.  It doesn't just affect teachers, it attacks all support staff who are not making big salaries. 

Have a nice day.


  1. Jeffs is a despicable person and I can't think of any punishment that would be harsh enough for him.

    As for Casey Anthony, I try not to think of her or I get aggravated all over again. LOL

    Enjoy your family living next door!!

  2. I know nothing of the case you mentioned but I am always skeptical of "organized religions".
    As for Casey Anthony, she will get hers eventually.
    As Beth said enjoy your family!

  3. Boston Boy said it right..Casey will reap her "reward".xoxox