Sunday, August 7, 2011

Holy Cow!

We have relatives here from Florida (I think I mentioned that before) and last night we met them at a local wateringhole/eatery for chicken and dumplings.  The place is called The Mouse (that's a story in itself, for later).  Now if you go away hungry from this place it's your own fault.  We had to take half of ours home for later today.  Just to give you an idea, here is a picture of their Dumpling.  Yes, that is a standard platter.
This is all fluffy and comes with extra gravy and very delicious.
I ordered the quarter order chicken and dumplings and mine was just as large.  You can tell by the plate there was just enough room for 2 pieces of chicken.  This little bitty lady ordered only the dumpling.  Needless to say all but 2 people had to go containers, but they ate something else.

Now about The Mouse.  It was originally named  "The Mickey Mouse" and had Mickey and Minnie on the window holding up a drink.  One year a person went to DisneyLand and wore his t-shirt depicting this scene.  Asked were that was and trouble started.  Needless to say Disney was not happy and sued.  Hence "The Mouse".   

Well off to the Moose for breakfast (first of the month thing), and a more reasonable size meal, lol.

Have a good day.


  1. WOW! that is some dumpling. I love chicken and dumplings.
    I know you are enjoying spending time with your Florida relatives.

  2. I am taking notes...mouse for supper and Moose for breakfast. Got It! Ha haa. Copyright is very sticky but Mouse seems ok.
    That is a huge dumpling! Now I am hungry. Have a grande day my friend!

  3. I represent my client Mikey Moose and if you don't change the name of the retaurant we will sue!
    Do you go to The Duck for lunch?

  4. I've never seen a dumpling like that before! Incredible! The closest example I saw was actually in Ghana where they have a dumpling often served with a thick gravy like sauce but this is really something!

  5. I sure could dive into that dumpling, never saw one like it.