Monday, September 10, 2012

This 'n' That

Good Monday morning to you all.  Hope you day and week are filled with good things, sunshine and fullfilling days.

The impromptu party was so nice.  Met some real nice new people that were friends of Allie's.  Of course the food goes without saying.  Plentiful and tasty.  At the end it broke my heart watching Nicole cry over her sister being gone for so long.  I thought it was a year she would be gone, but Allie said it could be anywhere from 8 mo. to 2 years depending one how well she does.  I'm sure she will do great.

An announcement here.  It seems we will be adding a new member to the family.
Meet Oreo!
Jack's niece breeds these little darlings.  They are Shitzu (sp) and Jack feel in love with the picture of one like this on her last batch but they were all spoken for.  She makes sure they are all vet checked and their first shots and only $150.   When she put this up she said they give all the pups a temporary name and Oreo was this one.  At the time we saw it Jack was eating his favorite cookie and we thought it must be fate.  Oreo's name will stay.  They will be ready for their new homes in a month.  As the kids have already given us a collar, dish and treat bag when we were looking awhile ago, I guess it was inevitable it would happen. 

Jack didn't really want a dog for so long that I have been a little surprised at his change of heart.  He wanted to wait until we were sure we wouldn't be doing any traveling at all, as we like for visit the cousins in Fla. and go camping.  Since most campgrounds allow pets (at least the ones we go to) as long as they're well behaved and leashed, and we have enough family and friends willing to watch it, I think that is what turned the tide. 

Change of subject.  It was a sad day for football in WI.  but the way the Badgers and the Packers played they deserved to lose.  I sure hope and pray they have this out of their system.

Also, we're waiting patiently to find out whether Steph's baby is a girl or boy.  The baby shower is early next month and though it's fun to be surprise, it's fun to shop when you know what it is too. 

Okay, I've rattled on long enough.  Enjoy your day.


  1. HI Just a precious little pup..and appropriate name for sure. Will be nice to see it grow and change too. I had no idea Applebees pays for someone to go to cooking school. What a great profession it is..IF you love to cook you will never ever get tired of doing it and want to stop. Hope your week is a great one. Very cool and fall like here as I would think it is there too. I started sneezing yesterday due to the leaves changing and falling around here so I KNOW FALL IS HERE. Goodbye to the Summer sadly. Take care : )

  2. Congratulations on your new addition! I think that's a very fitting name. I sure understand the reasons for being slow to get a dog...many of these very things have kept us from having one to this day. I hope things turn out wonderfully for you guys! I'm with you about summer...I'm never ready to see it go.

  3. Oreo is adorable. What a great name for him.

    I am glad to see fall after the drought and the heat this summer. ;-)

  4. What a cute pup, and a cute name. I'm sure you will enjoy him.

  5. He's a sweetheart with the right name.